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Questions we should be asking.

Before you speak disparagingly about all the people in your city who are not working and living off welfare, or about the financial bailouts, or national healthcare please first ask yourself some questions:

  1. Have I taken someone under my wing and taught them how to work, or do I assume that everyone was raised in such a way to develop a good work ethic?
  2. Do I spend my money in such a way that would support the jobs in my local economy, or do I only concern myself with fashionable corporate trends and immediate savings?
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The fear of the unknown

The fear of the unknown drives many to seek safety and security in the status quo. That we have the status quo, have had for many years, and that many are unemployed, lost a great deal of their wealth, and fear collapse of the world economic system seems to escape many. That many of the GOP candidates are proposing new versions of the status quo with a little tweak here and there, a new constitutional amendment to ban something or other, a new “contract with America” cause the last one fixed nothing, or a new tax scheme that will not pass the Congress, also seems to appeal to some.

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Mudslinging for the good doctor!

Two videos made for some classic mudslinging at the other candidates

Please "like" all the videos on that channel if you want more.

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Clarity vs. Hyperbole

I am becoming increasingly wary of the overly exuberant, confrontational and hyperbolic posts both here and on Facebook. Just watched a Jerry Doyle video and was embarrassed to see that so-called major supporters of Dr. Paul refer to others (such as Ms. Christine O'Donnell) as "nut jobs." Is this really something we want to recommend? Name calling??? Let us please shift our discussion to the level of integrity that Dr. Paul himself represents.

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Suggestions to Senator Webb for his response to President Bush's State of The Union, January 23, 2007

January 22, 2007


Hello Senator Webb,

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