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Infowars Insider Reports On GOP Strategist Saying That Paul Can Win GOP Nomination

The free subscription email newsletter has this article about the segment on Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch with the Judge interviewing GOP Strategist Jack Burkman.

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By Paul Joseph Watson

Republican Strategist Jack Burkman told Fox Business host Judge Andrew Napolitano that "Ron Paul could win the GOP nomination," given the fact that Perry and Romney's campaigns have started to crumble whereas Herman Cain has no real political experience.

Watch the video here -

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Fox Poll - Who Won last night's Republican Debate?

Ron is behind, let's get him caught up!!!

Herman Cain - 39.5%
Ron Paul - 30.95%
Mitt Romney 15.01%
Rick Perry 2.76%

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GOP Debate: Ron Paul Calls Out Herman Cain For Lie Over Fed Audit

At the GOP debate Tuesday night, Ron Paul, the longest-serving advocate of a Fed audit in Congress, asked Herman Cain, a former director of the Kansas City Fed, why he opposed an audit of the central bank, and why he called advocates of such an audit ignorant.

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Memo to Republican National Committee: Give Us Ron Paul or We Will Give You Obama

This thread is up to you to fill in.

What would you say to the Republican National Committee?

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Hank Williams Jr. Plans to Run for U.S. Senate

Will wonders never cease?! Hank Williams Jr. says he will run for the U.S. Senate as a Republican candidate during the next primary election. It is my understanding that Hank has already talked with Sen. Lamar Alexander and former Sen. Bill Frist -- both Republicans -- regarding his candidacy.

Those of you who keep up with country music news by reading this weekly column are already aware that Hank spent a lot of time on the campaign trail with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, John McCain's vice presidential running mate.

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Debate Schedule

Haven't seen this anywhere else. A good heads-up especially for local activists. Hint hint.

Next up 10/11

Also links to some previous debates

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Where to get started.

Good simple article on where to start and how to start. It is not too late. If you want Ron Paul to get the nomination, here is your starting point.

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Ron Paul on Heroin/ War on Drugs

Here is the latest analysis of Ron Paul's position on legalization of drugs from the Practical Ethics blog at Oxford University:

Would love to see your discussion over on the blog ... what do you think?

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Yikes! Frank Luntz (a.k.a. Penn and Teller's F' U Frank) To Moderate The Nov. 19 Forum in Des Moines For "The Family Leader"

Frank Luntz to Moderate Forum for GOP Candidates


Get tickets here...


A prominent pollster has agreed to moderate a forum for Republican presidential candidates in Iowa in November.

The Family Leader, a social conservative group, announced Monday that Frank Luntz will moderate the Nov. 19 forum at a Des Moines church where 2,500 voters are expected to attend.

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Will Herman Cain join our Hunger Strike?

Me and Herman Cain, on restoring the Republic.

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Chris Christie poll

LOL.....the flavor of the week is Chris Christie...they are still trying to see if people will vote for him....NOT.......especially if the Bush Cabal is backing him......Just received this from a friend….please take the poll….

marklevinshow Mark R. Levin
Vote now in today’s poll question: It appears that the Bush family is backing Chris Christie behind the scenes….

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Paul discusses spending, foreign policy at Politics & Eggs series

MANCHESTER – A stream of Ron Paul supporters hoisted royal-blue signs and waved while standing outside St. Anselm College on Friday morning as the presidential hopeful participated in the Politics & Eggs series hosted by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics and the New England Council.

Link -

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Petition to the Republican National Committee (RNC)

Can anyone help put a petition on daily Paul to sign that will be sent to the RNC about supporting Ron Paul? Part of our problem is the Republican Party does not really support Ron Paul. When Mitt was failing they threw in Perry to save them and now that Perry is floundering, there is discussion of Christie (anyone but Paul). We know the RNC is part of the system. It does not matter if we get a Republican or Democrat president, it will still be more of the same. The RNC has a problem though, and that is us – Ron Paul supporters.

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Make Sure You Are Registered Republican if Your State Requires. Also, Become a Ron Paul Delegate

We need to get the word out that everyone must be registered Republican in their states to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries. He must win the Republican nomination or it is over for Ron Paul! And some states require you to be registered well in advance (even months) of the primaries. So, it is important if you are not already a registered Republican to check with your state.

Also, please look in to becoming a delegate for Ron Paul in your district/state.

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