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RP Nation, We are winning! Now we must FOCUS! Jobs Jobs Jobs . 1-2 punch

This election will turn on Jobs. End of story.

To that end RP has tremendous answers and offers hope. That hope can be explained in simple, short, to the point 1-2 punchs:

Punch1 - bring the troops home immediately.
Punch2 - stop the current recession/end the cycles

punch1 - stop spending overseas and spend at home
punch2 - End the Fed. Establish sound money

punch1 - troops will be home spending. deficits will go down. borrowing will become cheap.
punch2 - deficts will go down. small businesses can thrive again.

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Ron Paul's next straw poll speech should be on 911 and foreign policy.

Even if he's booed, even if he places fifth, Ron Paul needs to articulate his foreign policy position in front of a GOP audience, without censorship, interruptions or leading questions. I believe this could cinch the nomination for him.

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Griffin House - "I Remember (It's Happening Again)" I've heard this guy's a Paul supporter, give it a listen.

I've heard about this guy from a couple of Ron Paul supporters. He was recently featured in a PBS documentary and is starting to get a little exposure. Anyway, this song has a strong anti-war message as told from the perspective of a WW2 veteran. Give it a listen and leave a comment for Griffin, maybe he'll join us on the campaign trail.

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Beautiful antiwar poem from the Norwegian poet Nordahl Grieg (1936)

A direct English translation of a poem from 1936 by Norwegian poet and writer Nordahl Grieg. (Translation by Rakafanten - 2011)

"Johan Nordahl Brun Grieg, known as Nordahl Grieg, (1 November 1902 – 2 December 1943) was a Norwegian poet, novelist, dramatist, journalist and political activist. He was a popular poet and a controversial public figure in his lifetime."

And although he was a convinced Stalinist, I think his poem is both beautiful and as relevant today as ever. I suspect that Nordahl Grieg would have been been an ardent Ron Paul supporter had he been alive today.

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The One Big Reason You Should Not Celebrate 9/11

Very good article from Dystopia Diaries:

The One Big Reason You Should Not Celebrate 9/11

Are you the kind of sick pervert that celebrates the murder of 3,000 civilians? More than likely the answer is "yes".

"Hold on a minute, A-h*le," you may counter. "It's not a 'celebration'. It's a 'commemoration'. It's one of the few things that can bring divided America together as a nation. Mourning a shared tragedy, a loss of innocence. Expressing gratitude for the selfless courage of the first responders. Building community."

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Anti-war voters are Disenfranchised! What can we do to end the Neocon rule!

Do you feel disenfranchised? The only presidential candidate that is truly anti-war is ignored, insulted, and completely marginalized by the media!
The Reagan debate and the media coverage following the debate exemplifies the blatant manipulation that is occurring to completely disenfranchise us.
As they increasingly rob and parrot Ron Paul's ideas, how can we make it clear that all the other candidates including Obama are Neocons? That only Ron Paul is not!

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Is America a Force for Good in the World? NO, says Justin Raimondo

The vast gulf between what America was, and what it has become, can be measured by the distance between Beinart’s uplifting rhetoric about “American exceptionalism” and the degraded reality of handcuffed children murdered by US soldiers. What we were was admired, and even loved, by freedom-seeking people the world over: what we have become is rightly hated by those same freedom-starved peoples.

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Warning about WordPress

I'm sure many antiwar and libertarian websites are using WordPress. This is disheartening and sickening:

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Pat Buchanan: Looking Back at the "Good War"

By Patrick J. Buchanan

In the early morning hours of Sept. 1, 1939, 72 years ago, the German army crossed the Polish frontier.

On Sept. 3, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, having received no reply to his ultimatum demanding a German withdrawal, declared that a state of war now existed between Great Britain and Germany.

The empire followed the mother country in. The second world war was on. It would last six years, carry off scores of millions and end with Germany in ruins, half of Europe under Josef Stalin’s rule and the British Empire on the way to collapse.

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Huffington Post: The top ten reasons why Ron Paul is the only rational choice

Here is yet another excellent article from the Huffington Post by Laura Trice!!! What a great day in the media for Paul!

The top 10 reasons why Dr. Ron Paul is the only rational presidential choice for Americans, Democratic, Republican and Independent:

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American Soldiers Are Waking up

Just received this on the Meetup News Roundup. It may have been posted before, but worth watching again. Also, needs some new comments.

American Soldiers Waking up-Support of Taking America Back

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Focus On Peace

A new politically neutral peace group is forming. Join us:

Focus On Peace

Our purpose is to have a peace movement that welcomes people of all ideologies, creeds, and beliefs. One that makes everyone feel not only comfortable but a part of the movement. No one should feel that they are endorsing someone else's political agenda when standing up for peace. To this end we have only one focus: ending the wars abroad.

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You have the truth on your side.Stay Active!

Here is one of example of social media activism. I rather quickly responded to someone else posting "The five reasons progressives should treat Ron Paul with extreme caution" hit piece published on Alternet. At the end of this post is one of many several exchanges I have had on Facebook.

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