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Obama Fact Sheet for When Talking to Democrats & Progressives

The average Democrat and "progressive" is really not that familiar with the abuses of the Obama administration. When having a discussions with those who still back Obama, here is a handy Obama Fact Sheet to point them to which is very detailed and richly resourced. A few of the entries are:

- Started a covert, drone war in Yemen
- Started a war in Libya without congressional approval
- Escalated the war in Afghanistan
- Sharply increased drone attacks in Pakistan
- Continued the occupation of Iraq, despite saying otherwise

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Military wife describes how her husband committed suicide

State Of The Soldier Forum Ashley Joppa-Hagemann
Military wife describes how her husband committed suicide in June to avoid another 8th or 9th tour of duty in Afghanistan. After so many times literally begging for help from "the system. ". He was one of five soldiers a month, killing themselves at the same base JBLM.

Widow confronts Donald Rumsfeld at his book signing

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Ron Paul and the Christian “Just War” Concept

Michele St. Pierre (c) 2011

Many Republicans find that they like Ron Paul’s fiscal ideas, but they think that they disagree with his foreign policy, calling it “weak”, “misguided”, “pro-Islam”, “anti-Israel” and then some.

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Jack Hunter responds to American Spectator smears: Ron Paul and Conservatism

In a recent column, Jeffrey Lord warned that Ron Paul's presidential bid was secretly a "Neoliberal Reeducation Campaign." Writes Lord: "the Paul campaign is not just a campaign for president. This is a campaign -- a serious campaign -- to re-educate the American people…" For Lord, Paul's alleged reeducation mission means passing off liberal ideas as conservative. This is amusing -- because this is precisely what self-described conservatives of Lord's ilk have been doing for years.

Imagine that there never was a President George W. Bush, and when Bill Clinton left the White House he was immediately replaced with Barack Obama. Now imagine Obama carried out the exact same agenda as Bush -- Medicare Plan D, No Child Left Behind, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars -- the whole works. Would conservatives have generally supported Obama as they did Bush -- or would they have rightly criticized the most big government president in our history at that time?

Despite his glaringly statist record, did Lord ever consider Bush a "neo-liberal"?

Read more:

Lord's response to Jack's response is revisionist garbage. Don't forget to leave your coments on their site folks!
American Conservative Mag weighs in on Lord's misrepresentations:
Thanks Brutus56 for making us aware!

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Viral video for the young guns of the Ron Paul Revolution!!!


"This madness! This malfeasance being conducted in our nation's and our children's names must cease!" - Humboldt Lagoon

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Bizzare Attack on RP's Anti-War Stance

Justin takes care of it! Good article showing why Ron Paul will always look good no matter how "they" try to bring him down. Don't you love him.

Pretty much says...if you are not for Ron Paul, you are hardly libertarian.

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