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Ron Paul's Speech at the Polk County Republican Summer Picnic - August 27, 2011

Ron Paul's Speech at the Polk County Republican Summer Picnic - August 27, 2011

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Jim Rogers supports Ron Paul.

"In this election if Ron Paul gets anywhere near the nomination I would certainly support him. He is the only one that I've seen in American politics that seems to have a clue about what's going on."

thanks to JavaJ for the vid

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"LIKE" Every youtube video


We need RP to go viral as well as get him on major news syndicates. Be sure to, if you watch a youtube video that favors RP to "Like" it, that is, click on the thumbs up below the video. You will have to register with youtube, but you can use an existing gmail account to do so.

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Ron Paul Followers Hold The Balance Of Power

Should Dr. Paul not win the Republican ticket, he and his followers hold both the Republican Party and Barak Obama's fortunes in hand.

This reminds me of the Reform Party of Canada's influence on fiscal policy in the mid-90's as the Liberal party of Jean Chretien came to power. Reform policies of drastic spending cuts with some tax increases brought Canada back from chronic deficits and credit rating reductions. Even though the Reformers weren't in power, they drove the agenda.

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Tony Perkins: Evangelicals Can Accept any of GOP Frontrunners--Including Ron Paul

Tony Perkins includes Ron Paul in the Republican frontrunners that evangelicals can accept. This is good news for Dr. Paul. He is included with "frontrunners" and said to be acceptable to evangelicals.

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Is there a conspiracy against Ron Paul?

By: Nicholas Sorrentino
Published: August 24, 2011

I am not one for conspiracy theories. One of the important things I learned in my brief time in Washington D.C. is that it is very hard to keep a secret in politics. But in the wake of Ron Paul’s near victory (he lost by less than 1%) in the Iowa Straw Poll I had to fight the thought that there was a concerted effort among many to keep Ron Paul as far off the radar screen of Americans as possible.

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Help Robin Koerner (Huffington Post Writer/Ron Paul's Blue Republicans) Get On The Daily Show

Can you give this a comment bump over on the Daily Show's forum? More people will see it if it's kept at the top!

A few emails would really help too!

And why not the Colbert Report while we're at it?! -

If anyone knows of any other way to help make this happen, please let me know!

Also, if you have a radio or TV show you would like to see Robin interviewed on, please contact them and sell them on the idea! Feel free to pass along my information to book Robin for an interview.

Zakery Carter

In other exciting news - The ROCK THE REVOLUTION TOUR has a PAC behind it!! We're moving forward fast on this project, expect to hear/see it on the road early October! -

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Strategy in Open Primary States

People need to start selling the idea of Ron Paul to the democrat roots in open primary states. There is no need to try an convince them to pull the lever for him in the national election. You will have time to do that if he clears the primary. Keep your eye on the real goal. Primary win.

Choose your pitch. Volunteer ideas.

Who will they most want their candidate to face in the national election?

Do they want a real chance at a peace candidate before it is too late for their grandchildren, ...children, ...selves?

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Why Is the Republican Hierarchy and the MSM Looking for More Warm Bodies to Enter Race?

Could it be they have no one who can beat Ron Paul and they are running scared?

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Georgia Needs Ron Paulers this Saturday!

Calling all Ron Paulers in Georgia to the annual fish fry in Perry August 27 from 12-2. Both Senators and the Governor along with Newt are scheduled to speak. Let the people of Georgia see the polite and knowledgeable people who represent Ron Paul. Don't live in Georgia? Y'all come from whereever you can. Hope to see you there! We need all the help we can get.

The link gives the details:

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Take the Tea Party back December 16th

In an effort to take the Tea Party back from the Republican establishment I suggest that we grassroots plan to make news around the world with the Dec. 16th Tea Party moneybomb. We raised Ron $6.1M the first time. Imagine how much money we can raise him now that we have a goal to beat? Imagine the planning that will go on locally all over the country. We can control the message because we started this movement.

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Anti-Obama rhetoric

I posted this on a facebook group that are die hard republicans against Obama.

This is his answer after increased federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries. Sick people who need this are dying. Thanks alot, Obama

The response I get:

Forum moderator: What we're trying to do - or the reason I am starting this is not about little foibles that won't affect Obama - most people will roll their eyes about certain things, but for example the telling point is the 26% economic numbers for Obama's support.

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Sign Wave & Debate watching near the Reagan Library TODAY in Simi Valley, CA

I'm changing this post from my original question (who knows how to get tickets to the 9/7 RR Library debate?) to a post that shows the latest for Ron Paul's trip to Simi Valley, CA on 9/7/11.

[The debate tickets were limited to a few people and it is closed to the public.]

9/5 PST Update: Sign Wave @ 3:00pm (check link for location/parking details - they were updated 9/4) near the Presidential Debate. Check here for details:

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Veterans 4 Ron Paul - it's a family thing thanks Dad

My father since 2007 has become a bigger Ron Paul supporter enough to make an endorsement on his own free will, he's actually 73 but I'm proud of him, he served & volunteered to go to Vietnam (Medi Vac Helicopter Pilot)as one of the first male nurses..also worked years at the VA hospital and saw plenty of Veterans who served & suffered.

Pennsylvania For Congressman Paul - Veterans For President Paul..

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It's Official: The media is ignoring Ron Paul

It's official: There is now a nonpartisan study confirming the Great Ron Paul Blow-Off. Dude lost the Ames Straw Poll by 152 votes to uh...uh...what's her name... but SHE got the Sunday morning chat show invites while the punditocracy treated Dr. Paul like he was Thaddeus McCotter.

You've heard everybody from Jon Stewart to well, Ron Paul complain about it, but now we have a study from the nonpartisan Pew Research Center to back it up. The bar graph don't lie:

Read more:

And now...

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