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Update Wikipedia Republican 2012 Primaries

I was searching for the Pennsylvania Republican Primaries & noticed everyone mentioned by Congressman Paul - will anyone that knows how update it? Link -

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Ron Paul War Room Part 2

Started in 2007 and it's still there. In conjunction with the Daily Paul, we should use the War Room to its fullest extent.

The Ron Raul War Room was a great asset in the 2008 campaign.

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Cleveland GOP Cheating Ron Paul

The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County, the county where Cleveland, Ohio is located, has an online straw poll for President. Someone within the Party has twice manually revised down the vote total for Ron Paul, purposely skewing the vote in favor of establishment candidates.

Please, please, please, go to the website and vote for Ron Paul. Share this link with everyone. Let's blow up the vote total to force them to take down the poll!


Matt Brakey

Ron Paul in 2012? Maybe.

About a year ago, speculation began to surface about a Ron Paul run in 2012. Dr. Paul himself was non-committal; and he made a telling point: nobody knows what the world will be like 2 years from now. That point is still valid.

So long as the CFR and the entrenched 'made' politicians are running the GOP and the Democrat party, Ron Paul has only a slightly better chance at a 2012 run than he did in 2008. And, if we believe what he said, he has no plans to abandon the republican party for a 3rd party run. Wise.

Play it safe - Register Republican Now!

In an attempt to limit Ron Paul's reach, the rules across the nation are suddenly being changed where you must now be a registered republican to vote in the primaries. This, according to an article by the pro-Ron website,

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Ron Paul on CNN 5/27

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Ron Paul Fundraiser with Jimmie Vaughn - May 20th

May 20th Fundraiser with Jimmie Vaughn:

More below...

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How to win support for Ron Paul

I have just compiled a list of 'teaching' videos, that is, videos you can use for people who say, 'Who is Ron Paul and what does he stand for' or, 'Is Ron healthy enough' or 'What is Ron's voting record' etc. There is something here for all the issues just about, to let Democrats, Republicans, and Independents see for themselves. Just copy this list of videos. I did all the work so you don't have to.

First, Ron on the debates:

FOX and MSNBC polls ARE correct truer random samplings of the people:

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Let's have a Ron Paul debate

Here is a petition to demand that Rudy debate Ron Paul ONE ON ONE on the issue of what so qualifies Rudy to be a security expert and what does Rudy know, or not know about foreign policy.

I suspect Rudy's foreign policy knowledge is lacking and just having been mayor at the time of the WTC attacks does NOT make him presidential material.

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Frontrunner Ron Paul, 100% Republican and here to stay!

I hope this video with a message from Ron at the end will explain why giving that insignificant flea in the MI GOP any more blogtime is useless and unproductive.

Ron is 120% Republican, and according to FOX and MNSBC his post debate support was great and growing. He is #1 on YouTube of either party's candidates. Note that since the second debate, RG's mainstream polling points have dropped like a rock since (11% to be exact) and JMcC's points are at an all-time low. Ron has nowhere to go but UP.

Please do not waste anymore time on the man from the MI GOP!

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Most popular candidate on the internet?

"Senator Barack Obama touts some 57,000 friends on his myspace page. While the leading republican candidate, Congressman Ron Paul out of Texas, only has 34,000."

Only? It's nice to know he's the 'leading' Republican!

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