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A Real Plan To Handle The Media - Join Them

We have hundreds on Ron Paul meetups across the country and great supporters. We have talented writers that can paint the picture through text. Why don't we start our own Ron Paul journalism program. It would go something like this:

Each meetup would need to look to fund a full page advertisement in their area each week. We would find our best writers and ad designers and have multiple ads created. Each meetup could upload the copy of the advertisement they would like to run and have it run in their local areas.

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Schuyler County, NY - Ron Paul supporters wanted

If you live in or around Schuyler County, NY please join our Meetup group

Let's make the sign bomb huge

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rEVOLution March on Washington - Oct 8th - peaceful gathering

If you are as dedicated to Ron Paul and the movement as I am, please consider taking a weekend out of your time to participate in the rEVOLution March on Oct. 8th. We will be marching from the Washington monument down Costitution Ave and make our way to the Capitol Building; and we want you there too! This event will be legal and organized. We will have guest speakers, entertainment, and like-minded good people - that makes for an epic day! Please check out our facebook pages and consider coming out for a day of activism and fun!

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Awesome Video! Paul supporters using sign language to explain media blackout

Awesome video I saw surfing youtube. Paul supporters use sign language to communicate the recent media blackout.

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IMPORTANT Meetup Info For All

If your not a member of a Ron Paul Meetup, go to this link right now and see if there is a Meetup near you. IF NOT, REGISTER as looking for a Ron Paul Meetup and when one starts up you’ll get an email.

Scroll down on the page, you will notice a list of places that people are waiting for a Meetup. I know most of us have tight budgets, but right now Meetup is advertising a 40% discount.

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Ron Paul Meetup Group Contest Standings

Philadelphia currently leads the way in the contest to host a rally featuring Ron Paul. They are followed by Grand Rapids, MI and Atlanta, GA.

Click here to view the official standings

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Volunteer for Ron Paul in NH

I felt that this information was so important that I took my comments from another post to use as a full blog entry. Iowans and South Carolinians may take note and follow suit!

Being the first primary states, we need at least 16 volunteers each weekend to fan out in pairs to do up to 8 events that a ready made for getting lots of people to know about Ron Paul.

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