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Ron Paul Polling

When sifting through the press releases on the campaign site I noticed a press release that stated that a polling firm was added to the campaign, if I understand the release correctly that is.

Does anyone know if this company has done polling for Ron Paul? Or is it polling done in the background to tailor adverts and messages?

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Phone calls from 855-886-9779

I have gotten two phone calls from 855-886-9779 with no message on my answering machine. Checking online it has been reported that this is a number the Ron Paul polling uses. If this is true they need to leave a short message, with apologies for missing the person and for disturbing them!

Un-named caller id, with no message tends to upset some people.
It is not necessary to say they are calling for Ron Paul, just that they were calling for a political survey and extend their apologies.

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2007 Polling Time Machine, Get in and Feel Better!

For anyone that is interested, it may be a good reminder of how the polls were placing the "Front Runners" back in good ol' 2007 at this date.

Giuliani - 28.6%
Thompson - 23.4%
McCain - 15.3%
Romney - 10.8%
Huckabee - 4.8%
Paul - N/A

And I think we all know what happened to the two golden boys last time round. This time we are in prime pouncing position!


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New P.P.P. Poll -4 way tie in IOWA! :)

We must be doing something right!

This is from the Wall Street Journal earlier tonight.


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Why is the Ron Paul Campaign touting suspicious polling?

I am a die-hard Ron Paul supporter, but I agree whole heartedly with the content of this story:

"To recap, the Paul campaign is tweeting out an article written on their campaign website touting a poll that came out days after Rick Perry announced but was actually released months earlier, conducted by a man with serious ties to Paul and freely admits that the poll was skewed. Is this a ploy for money, attention, or what?"


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URGENT: Choose where PPP polls next Ends at 5pm EST

Let's see where we stand in Iowa after Pawlenty's exit and after the coverage from the media blackout. I noticed somebody on the RPF posted this and we only have until 5pm EST to vote, so I figured the more people see it, the better.


Debate Criteria - ABC and FOX

According to this DiStaso article from the Union Leader, ABC is also considering cutting off candidates who don't meet at least one of these criteria:

- Place in the top four in the Iowa caucuses, which will be held on Thursday.

- Poll 5 percent or higher in one of the last four reputable random sample New Hampshire telephone surveys sponsored by an established news organization and conducted and released by 9 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 4. (Ron is polling 9% here)

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Zogby Interactive Homepage mentions the death of phone polls


Thank you John. At least one polling company won't be surprised come November.

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