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Fox Poll - Who Won last night's Republican Debate?

Ron is behind, let's get him caught up!!!

Herman Cain - 39.5%
Ron Paul - 30.95%
Mitt Romney 15.01%
Rick Perry 2.76%

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Hank Jr Puts out free song bashing Fox and Obama USSA

I just came across this. Hank Jr is giving out free downloads for 48 hours of his new some "Keep the Change". I wonder who he is voting for... maybe RP?

There is an amazing bash of Fox and Friends in the song and it talks about the United Socialist States of America.

You can get it here.

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FOX News is Relenting: Chris Wallace says, "Send Us Your Ron Paul e-mails!"

The Values Voter Straw Poll win is paying off in MSM credibility towards Ron Paul.

It's getting them to finally speak the truth that they've always known.

Brit Hume: "Who has the base with the most enthusiatic supporters? The answer is easy, it's Ron Paul! And if you know Ron Paul -- I've known him for a long time -- it's understandable. He's a very nice man. A VERY nice man!

Let's edit and re-work this!

My main interest in the video is to edit the parts that work for Ron Paul into another video.

I sent it to two of the best videographers on DP and am waiting to see what they can do.

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Fox News Sunday Web discussing Ron Paul and us.

Listen to the beginning of this. Ron Paul's dismissal and his supporters are discussed in the beginning and at the end.

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"Live and Let Live" our new slogan?

The tv news reports said it twice yesterday: Ron Paul, the Live and Let Live Libertarian... I couldn't have come up with a more descriptive, all American, truthful tag-line.

Live and let live. Simple. Non-threatening. Lots of implied content that is understood immediately by most people, unlike "Hope" or even 'revolution.' Totally positive message.

It is difficult to put the libertarian philosophy into just a few words without leaving the wrong impression or without being vacuous.

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Will Harris Faulkner lose her job??

I was clicking through the crappy Cable news channels shortly after Doc' V.V.S. win, just to see how nauseating the anti-Paul spin would be, and something hit me right between the eyes as I hit Faux Snooze at about 4:28 (7:28 Eastern) this afternoon....

The lovely lady Harris announced the result by calling him "Republican (or was it GOP) FRONT runner Ron Paul." Seriously!! I believe we may have a "not in the closet enough" supporter right there in one of the enemy's info-babe seats :-)

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O'Reilly Doesn't Like The Results of His Election Poll

On September 23rd, 2011, Bill O'Reilly posted the following poll on his website asking viewers to vote on their favorite GOP candidate.

He recently had the following to say when the announced the results of his poll on his show.

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Ron Paul Got Sucked In: So Did We

Al Qaeda, Anwar al-Awlaki, Osama bin Laden... all CIA/State Dept assets.
All assasinated... with no evidence or proof of death.

The "Bin Laden Seal Team" is wiped out by the CIA cleaners.

A first in Navy Seal history.

None of the lakeys, the undewear bomber, the Times Square bomber, the shoe bomber, etc. were assasinated.

Why not?

We know that Al Qaeda is a myth. Created by the Americans.

Bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki, Samir Kahn... all assasinated.


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Bill O'Reilly Disregards Ron Paul Poll Win 09/30/11

I apologize for the poor quality, I recorded this on my phone. Bill O'Rielly dismisses Ron Paul winning a presidential poll he hosted on his site due to "flooding" by Ron Paul (and Herman Cain) supporters.

EDIT: Attempted to embed video

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