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Huckabee calls Ron Paul's stance on Iran "unforgivable"

Did anyone hear the "Huckabee Report" this morning? Mike Huckabee mentioned Jon Stewart's amazing scolding of the national media for failing to cover Ron Paul. Predictably, he went right into war propaganda attack mode because Ron Paul advocates the foreign policy of our founding fathers. He said that Ron's stance was "unforgivable" and to make his segment even more laughable, he went on to say that the staunchest libertarians would be jumping ship if he continued this.

The Nation: Ron Paul Crosses the Christmas Candidate

There is no debating that the most manipulative campaign advertisement of a holiday season that in Iowa and New Hampshire offers no respite from the pleadings of politicians is that of the supremely cynical Mike Huckabee.

Appearing beneath a glowing cross and proclaiming "what really matters is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ," the former governor of Arkansas stakes his claim as the Christmas candidate.

But Ron Paul is having none of it.

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Perfect Finish in Iowa Straw Poll...

On the surface one may be tempted to jump to the conclusion that Ron Paul didn't fare as well in the recent Iowa Straw Poll as desired. I contend that his finish was near PERFECT, with an almost divine blend of attributes that'll help him down the road.

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