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YAL Activist bootcamps 1st SATURDAY in Iowa City more scheduled Sign up!!

YAL - Campaign Bootcamps

This fall, YAL will host 10 Campaign Bootcamps in key states across the country to train more than 1,000 grassroots activists in preparation for our upcoming campaign battles in 2012.

These single-day bootcamps are the the important first steps to prepare our movement for election success. The top graduates from these events will go on to work full-time and volunteer for the liberty candidates of their choice.

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The Campaign's Strategy over the next 30 days

Hey guys,

Just forwarding on this message that was posted over at by Matt Collins:

I wanted to let you all in on what I've heard is a bit of the campaign's strategy.

They are going to spend some money in the next few weeks to move up in the polls and become a serious contender in some specific states. The goal is to put Ron solidly into the #2 position. It's important to do this now before the other campaigns and their PACs begin to unload their warchests. If we can take 2nd place now it will be harder for them to unseat us from that position later on in the race. But starting in November there will be a lot of high-dollar marketing messages which we won't be able to compete with and if we don't move up soon that window may close and the opportunity could be lost forever. This is our chance!

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5 Reasons Why Ron Paul Is The Military's Choice For President

The big open secret about Ron Paul is that he is a powerhouse in the 2012 presidential race, not some little nobody who can be pushed around. He is not simply running on a political platform to get a fifth of the votes and go home, he is leading a revolution of ideas that is awakening a revolutionary nation from a long, media-induced sleep.

This revolution will ultimately be successful because Dr. Paul's message is so timely and he has the support of the two most important groups who can make or break a revolution: the young people and the military.

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"pArry will let you borrow his Kwanzaa CD's" funny video!

Nui sent me this video this morning. I thought it was pretty funny, and had to share!!

"This video of Rick Perry, courtesy of the GD geniuses who run Bad Lip Reading, is guaranteed to make you laugh audibly, or "LA," as the kids say on G-chat."!

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Harris Poll: Paul beats Obama 51-49

UPDATE: Now linked on DRUDGE.

The Good Doctor is getting his due...

By Greg McDonald | News Max

"Mitt Romney stands the best chance among Republican presidential contenders of beating President Barack Obama in next year’s election, according to a new Harris Interactive poll released Tuesday.

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Help Me with an Email Campaign

I have what I feel is a good idea and would like some help getting it going. It will not cost you a dime and just a few short minutes of your time. It is an email campaign. I sent this out to everyone in my email box and hope that I can get some of you to copy the below info and do the same. If you like the idea please help me flood the emails of 1000's of people with this info.

Here is the email I sent just copy and paste in your email (please let me know by comment if you are in):


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Ron Paul: Great Coverage on Russia TV, Alyona Show

The Alyona Show is a news analysis show. The lead segment is about the Florida republican debate. At the 6:00 minute mark in the hour long show, she lauds Ron Paul as the only candidate who has a clue about foreign policy. This is RT's flagship show.

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Perhaps the best article about Ron Paul, media exclusion, & the most remarkable grass roots support in American history

I don't know if this has been posted yet but I found this to be the most interesting and well written article about Ron Paul's campaign. You can thank my buddy Lonnie who was kind enough to send it to me

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Ron Paul 2012 Campaign to Focus on Iowa Tuesday

"The Ron Paul 2012 campaign plans to make an impression in Iowa this week with four scheduled events on Tuesday. Having established himself as a solid contender in the 2012 election cycle for the Republican nomination, Paul must now work to reach out to voters in early campaign states to build on his momentum. He will be holding several town hall events to talk about specific points in his plans to help America recover from the economic downturn it has experienced over the last several years."

I thought this was a great article! The last section is the best. "Can Paul win in Iowa?"

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Perry comes crashing back down to earth like an old NASA satellite; campaign team is praying he doesn't break up on re-entry

Rick Perry: Could it really have been that short lived?
Three debates in and a New Hampshire poll down, Rick Perry looks like he's lost his mojo. Is that all, folks?

If you watched the Fox/Google debate that kicked off the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida this week, you'll know which video clip we're going to embed below. If you didn't, you're in for somewhat of a treat.

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, created waves when he entered the GOP race for the presidential nomination. His entry scared off other vultures who were circling, like Giuliani and Palin perhaps, and he robbed momentum from the now almost absent Michele Bachmann.

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Regulate marijuana like wine initiative

This is a new initiative here in California. Judge Jim Gray needs people to help. Please join our group even if you do not live in Ca. This will not change medical marijuana law.

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Ron Paul Sticks With His Principles, Climbs in Polls

By Elizabeth Williamson

In a political season marked by warfare between Democrats and Republicans, the White House and Congress, haves and have-nots, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul has built staunch support among voters who are furious at the federal government — from emo-kids to retirees.

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Running for president is a business; and business is good!

Running for president is probably the most addictive drug you could ever give someone and they will want to take it again and again and again. Imagine the attention the exuberance the money,and even if you don't win you still get to keep all the money if you have a super pack.

And as these egomaniacs enter the race to get their fix. I am more and more optimistic of Dr Paul's chances of winning the nomination.

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