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Peter Schiff On Alex Jones' Infowars Nightly News Discusses The Economy And Ron Paul's Campaign

In last night's live broadcast of Infowars Nightly News on Alex Jones interviews Peter Schiff on the direction of the economy, the failure of government stimulus to create jobs, what will happen in the future as these policies go forward, and the Ron Paul campaign including the smear attempts.

Added to youtube today September 21st, 2001

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Is RJ running for president?

Just got an e-mail from our dear friend RJ Harris that says he is going to run for president on the Libertarian ticket.This is definatetly great news and someone I could support and this will also put pressure on the GOP to nominate the good Doctor.

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CBS Smears Ron Paul For Using Private Jet During Campaign; Silent On Romney And Perry's Expenses

An article looking at a smear attempt to make Ron Paul appear as an elitist over the people because he is using a private jet for his campaign and that it contradicts his fiscal conservatism principles. Meanwhile the article goes over how Romeny and Perry are spending like crazy on extras with their campaign money

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Join The Campaign's Phone From Home Project

The most important thing you can do to help me become the next President of the United States, you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Please sign up for the Phone From Home Project.


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Facebook "Like" Donation Challenge

This is my first post on the Daily Paul but I am a adamant follower of it and of the campaign, ever since 2008. I believe Dr. Paul to be correct on all the most important issues of today but I don't need to tell anyone here that.

I post today because I had an idea for fundraising but I am not very social media friendly. Meaning that I am not very good at utilizing the medium for maximum benefit. I was hoping people here could help me figure out how to spread this idea because I think it could work.

The Idea:

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UFC Fighter retweeted Ron Paul's FP vid for me

I follow UFC Fighter Ben "Smooth" Henderson on twitter because he's a one of my favorite fighters. He has tweeted things about supporting Obama from time to time and tweeted for people to support Obama's Buffett Rule today. So I tweeted him to check out Ron Paul and attached his Mutually Assured Respect video to the tweet. Well he must have liked it because he retweeted it to his 18,000+ followers who will hopefully watch it and see the wisdom of our good doctor!

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US Bombs (Punk rock band) support for Ron Paul

The punk rock band the US Bombs have thrown their support behind Ron Paul. Duane Peters is a skateboard legend and frontman for the popular underground punk rock band US Bombs and Die Hunns.

Here is a couple songs from the band if you are not familiar

"Orange Crunch"
"Roll Around"

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MSM CBS News Recognizing Rick Perry's Gardasil Gate (video)

Even CBS news is following recognizing this.
Please share and help Ron Paul


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Ron Paul Campaign Receive Most Military Donations

Written by Raven Clabough
Monday, 19 September 2011 14:45

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Perry(the platypus) is for sale but not cheap

Not the best the source, but still worth a look:

HALF his funding from just 200 people.

Huge giveaways to and special treatment for supporters.

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A Campaign Idea for out of state activists

I live in WA, and I wanted to do more for the campaign in other states, so I decided to research businesses in Iowa and I created an e-mail about Ron Paul's views on taxes and the Economy; and how it would benefit their business.

This is the e-mail I sent. Let's start hitting up Iowa, New Hampshire,Nevada, and South Carolina!!!


The power to tax is the power to destroy, which is why Ron Paul never has, and never will support higher taxes.

Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record:
He has never voted to raise taxes.

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Ron Paul kicks off another 'money bomb'

By: CNN's Ashley Killough

(CNN) - As someone who calls himself the "champion of the Constitution," GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is celebrating Constitution Day with another one of his "money bomb" fundraisers.

The online event attempts to raise a large sum of cash in 24 hours, a tactic that's proved successful in the past for the Texas congressman.

While the campaign said they don't have a specific goal for Saturday, Paul raised $1.8 million from contributors during the last money bomb, held in August.

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