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Ron Paul will attend an HQ Grand Opening in Baton Rouge, LA on Friday 9/23!

Details here.

A Ron Paul party!

This looks awesome! I wish I could be there. It looks like he's speaking at LSU earlier in the day, too. (AND Walter Block and Mike Church are going to speak after him at the party.)

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Chocolate Ron Paul M&Ms for Halloween

Did you know you can order M&M candies with a word or two printed on them?

I've long thought that Halloween, which always comes just a few days prior to the November election timeframe, would be a good oportunity to campaign.

The problem always was, if you put slimjims in the candy bag, or try something home-made, it could be 1. disapointing to children, or 2. creepy in a non-Halloween way.

How would you feel about "Ron Paul" on M&Ms in a standard package? Would the kids ask Mom and Dad, "who is Ron Paul?"

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Big picture, how do we see this campaign ending up?

I believe that Paul can win this. And I think there is a path to get there.

I believe we really need some of the lower polling candidates to hurry up and drop out. They take up far too much time in these debates. And we all know Dr. Paul doesnt exactly get called on a lot.

I believe Paul can easily outlast everyone in terms of monetary donations except for Perry and Mittens.

Bachmann one second seems up then she's right back down again with some goofy statement. She has just about run her course.

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Ron Paul Documentary 'For Liberty' Full Video Just Uploaded Onto You Tube

The full documentary uploaded a few days ago on You Tube. Enjoy:

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Local gun show activity report from Sept 10 - fyi

Hello all,

I went to the gun show this morning with my son YYYYYYY. We were there before the door opened and there was a line forming. We found out that Ron Paul does not have a table from a phone call from ZZZZZ. We decided, since we were already there, we might as well give out slim jims. I brought some of my own Pro Gun slim jims but I only had 2 bundles. The rest were for other issues.

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My Ron Paul Painting Poster Prints

Stopping in to share my page with my Ron Paul Painting I did available in poster prints. Be sure to check back to see new designs including a "Ron Paul: Champion of the Constitution" version.

Thanks for taking a look!


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I got a call from Rick Perry's campaign last night.

(I am the GOP chairman for our county in Iowa.)

The guy wanted to know when our next county central committee meeting was so he could come and get acquainted. (I got a similar call earlier from Sarah Palin's non-campaign committee.) He wanted to know if there were any local events that "the governor" might want to attend.

That caused me to think, why hasn't the Ron Paul committee called with a similar request?

I went on RonPaul2012 last night and submitted a suggestion for a visit to our local festival at the end of the month.

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Rand Paul On Peter Schiff's Radio Show Discuss His Father's Campaign And The Economy 9/8/2011

I haven't seen if this interview was posted but despite being two days old of this posting its still relevant.

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Ron Paul Birthday Mailer Received Yesterday

I've seen this discussed on here before, but I was kind of shocked yesterday to open my mail and find a letter from Carol Paul with a birthday card for Ron Paul asking for a donation. His birthday was on the 20th! I didn't say anything about it, but today, I see some folks on Facebook saying they just got it too!

This mailout was heavy, nice, and costly I'm sure. The campaign needs to target New potential voters. It seems wasteful and costly to send these nice mailouts to people who are already on board. Just my two cents.

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GOP candidates are trying to commandeer Dr. Paul's message. The campaign MUST respond!

Rick Perry...on military adventurism and keynesianism??!?!?! have got to be kidding me

The establishment are at it again. Not only are other GOP candidates making themselves look like they know what Ron Paul is talking about, they are deliberately using Dr. Paul's language and they are using it to drown him out.

This is VERY threatening to our campaign and the campaign must point out their disingenuous bandwagon mentality. This is the point of the campaign where they are now attacking us and using our own message against us.

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Ron Paul 1 page issues PDF

Hello, I know my account is brand new, but I donated money to RP back in 2007, and was aware of but never needed to join it before. Basically I am looking for the best summary of:
1) Ron Paul's stance on the issues
2) Ron Paul's viability as a candidate (donation records, polls, etc.)
3) Any other pertinent information

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Campaign Responds to Perry's Attack and Fake Rhetoric

The gloves are off...

LAKE JACKSON, Texas - ( – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s campaign continues to challenge Rick Perry in the lead up to tonight’s Republican presidential debate. Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton released an open letter to Gov. Perry focusing on his record as Texas head of state, pointing out inconsistencies with his new Tea Party rhetoric. See text of letter below.

Subject: Rick Perry Can’t Handle the Truth

An open letter from Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton

Dear Governor Perry,

After our campaign’s first ad highlighting your Big Government record and support for liberal Al Gore, your campaign is attacking Dr. Paul – missing the point of why your past is important.

We don’t think the fact that you used to be a Democrat is the big problem here.  The real problem is that, too often, you still act like one.  Even you yourself, Governor Perry, said of your party switch, “I will still vote the same principles, only with an R after my name.”

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Max Keiser sends us a message!

"Ron Paul’s chances for presidency are only 3%. Ron Paul is dead in the water unless this InTrade contract starts perking up."

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Infowars Nightly News: Alex Jones And Gary Franchi Discuss The Ron Paul Revolution 2012

Gary Franchi of Restore the Republic talks with Alex about the exponential growth of a renewed and reinvigorated Ron Paul Revolution as millions of people stand behind Paul and prepare to catapult him to the presidency in 2012 and restore the constitutional republic.

**So Shall We - Ron Paul Super Bomb September 19th

Posted September 3rd but still relevant for today September 6th and beyond.

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