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Bachmann's Campaign Manager Steps Down >Rollins Moves Into An " Advisory Role" ; Deputy Manager Polyansky Leaving The Campaign

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Calling All Ron Paul Supporters! We Need Your Help! Labor Day Columbia, SC



PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Phone calls, etc.

South Carolina is first in the South for the Republican primary. So it is CRITICAL that we have HUGE numbers at these events!

If you live in SC, GA, NC, TN, FL or know someone who does, PLEASE ask them to make the trip to Columbia, SC this Monday, Sept 5th (Labor Day) to support Dr. Paul!

All of the details to these & other events are posted on the grassroots statewide meetup. If you want to stay informed of Ron Paul related activities throughout the state of South Carolina, please join our meetup asap.

We have a full day of events scheduled for Monday, Sept 5th (Labor Day):

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Campaign Q&A: Ron Paul

The outspoken Congressman talks jobs and his recent FEMA comments.

* By Jake O'Donnell

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) visited Salem medical solutions company Medicus on Friday morning, speaking with employees as he campaigns for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

Following his visit, we caught up with the outspoken Congressman and asked him a few questions.

Q: We learned today that zero new jobs were created in the U.S. last month. What role does government play in the creation of new jobs?

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5 Things Every Paul Supporter Should Do

Here are 5 very easy and simple things EVERY Ron Paul support can do, and make an impact with:

1. Get a bumper sticker
It's easy! Go here: Buy a sticker for your car AS WELL as a few extra to hand out to family members and friends, this is the key part. They're cheap, you're donating to the campaign and you're giving them publicity. Think of the number of cars that will drive behind you and see the sticker!

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4 x 8 Signs

Anybody know where to get the 4' x 8' signs like the campaign had in 2008

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MN State Fair silences Ron Paul drummer

Colin Wilkinson of St. Paul was at the State Fair Sunday, dressed in his patriot garb and rattling his snare drum to draw attraction to the Ron Paul for President booth on Nelson Street.

He was part of the general Fair cacophony, standing across from the DRN fish pond and near the KARE-11 booth and the reptile barn.

But about 3 p.m., Wilkinson was told by State Fair officials to stop the drumbeat.

"I was just informed that if I want to play my drum, I have to sign a contract and then stay inside the booth," Wilkinson said.

This was very upsetting news for a libertarian.

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YAL to host 10 Campaign Boot Camps across country

This fall, YAL will host 10 Campaign Bootcamps in key states across the country to train more than 1,000 grassroots activists in preparation for our upcoming campaign battles in 2012.

These single-day bootcamps are the the important first steps to prepare our movement for election success. The top graduates from these events will go on to work full-time and volunteer for the liberty canidadates (sic)of their choice.

Attendance is a must if you are serious about winning elections and getting involved locally.

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Ron Paul: the Thinking Persons Candidate

The point of the title is that it requires intelligence to understand Dr. Paul's stances. Who doesn't like to think of themselves as intelligent? If we frame the debate this way, then we encourage everyone that considers themselves intelligent to join our cause.

If anyone makes T-shirts or bumper-stickers, I would buy one with this statement on one side and 'Vote Paul' on the other. Please contact me.

This makes it the 'in' thing only cool people do. It will become even more popular to support Paul.

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Paul: Presidents don’t create jobs

Texas Congressman Ron Paul, campaigning in Iowa the same day that Gov. Rick Perry’s swooping in for a couple of stops, took a bit of a dig at the governor’s jobs message without naming him at a stop in Winterset.

“Presidents can’t create jobs. Government can’t create jobs. All they can do is create bureaucrats that interfere with your ability to create jobs,” Paul said to applause from a crowd of about 120 at the Northside Cafe.

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The Most Creative Campaign Idea Ever

My friend and I recently came up with a great, cheap and effective campaign promotion product and are looking for investors, if you will be willing to participate please respond:

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Lew Rockwell And Alex Jones Discuss Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign

Lew Rockwell, chairman and founder of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, is a guest on Alex Jones' Infowars Special Report discussing the presidential campaign of Ron Paul including the corporate media's attention and actions towards his campaign.

Watch the video:

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Cool "crazy Uncle Ron" Ron Paul T-shirt !

Saw this COOL t-shirt posted on a social network. "There goes crazy Uncle Ron, babbling about the unsustainability of multiple wars" - Jon Stewart. I think they said they're only making these till next weekend. I absolutely love this one!

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The Iowa Republican - Disappointed in Iowa Campaign Staff for Dr. Paul

The Iowa Republican put together an interesting article today...

If what they say is true, then we really have reason to be irked by the official campaign.

I understand it may not be cost-efficient to employ the campaign staff at full capacity for a few weeks after the Straw Poll, but this is Iowa.

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Idea to generate more donations to the campaign

If you have an approaching birthday or other event for which people might buy you gifts, tell them that this year you would rather have them make a donation to the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign instead. Since some of these people might not be supporters, or not strong enough supporters to make donations on their own, this might be a way to bring money to the campaign that otherwise never would have come, and does not contribute to your maximum donation.

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You guys are totally going to love this

This picture was taken and sent to me by a friend who lives up in Portland, Oregon. It's awesome!

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