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I know a good idea when I steal it.


The author invisioned it on the back of a milk carton after the medias lack of coverage on the Good Doctor.

Thought it was good.

Carry on Citizens... nothing to see here.

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Publicity Bomb: "Wear a Ron Paul T-shirt Day"

Hey Guys,

I actually suggested this for the 2007 campaign but I never got off the ground with it unfortunately.

My suggestion: Organize a day where everyone wears their Ron Paul t-shirt, and makes a day of going out and walking around. Get tens of thousands of people out there. Go to shopping centres, just browse around, go out to park, walk around where people can see you. Enjoy America and advertise Ron Paul!

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How will a Palin run affect Paul's campaign?

Supposedly, she is to make a "big announcement" on September 3rd. I think she announces that she is going to run for the nomination. What do you think and how will it affect Ron Paul's campaign?

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Ron Paul invited to Palmetto Freedom Forum with Jim Demint

“I am very excited about the initial response and thrilled to be able to already announce that Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Ron Paul and Rick Perry have confirmed their attendance in Columbia for this important event. This forum will allow candidates to get past the 30 second sound bites and have an open dialogue with concerned citizens. Hopefully, this event will be an important part of the process to choose the next President of the United States,” said U.S. Senator Jim DeMint.

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Why don't the money bombs raise $12 Million every time?

My understanding is that there are as many as 600,000 C4L members. Maybe I'm mistaken, but regardless, for every 100,000 supporters who give just $20.12 every money bomb the campaign should raise $2,012,000.

But there are far more supporters than that. So at 600,000 Supporters at C4L alone, the campaign should be raising $12,072,000 per money bomb. On an annualized basis, with one money bomb per month, that translates to more than $144,000,000, for a mere $241.44 per person per year.

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Know of any small campaign groups who need help?

I'm posting this to request information in regards to political groups that are looking for an effective tool to help them organize their campaigning efforts.

I've tried asking for feedback, and even offered a free month to anyone willing to check out the system, and have had no responses at all. I'm not sure why, and it doesn't matter because there are literally thousands of other places out there that have yet to be approached. People are busy after all :)

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I'm new, and idea needing input.

Hi All, I'm new. I've been a Ron Paul follower and supporter for awhile now, but with his chances so good for this campaign, I am ADDICTED and following every day.

I see Ron Paul as our chance for PEACE and PROSPERITY in the coming years.

I am a project manager in the tech world, working on developing websites. As such, I have been trying to think of good web-based memes to help promote Dr. Paul's messages. (Like

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Help Ron Paul win comic book straw poll

"This week, BOOM! Studios announced an innovative "straw poll" of its own, a series of biographical comics featuring Obama and top members of the GOP field with the winner being determined by whichever comic receives the most pre-orders."

Read More:

Pre-order Ron Paul's comic book here:
Or pre-order at your local comic shop.

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Ron Paul Campaign App Revived + Ron Paul Websites launched

Hello everyone,

I created and launched the website last month and it has received great attention. It has many features to help people stay up-to-date on the day-to-day activities of Ron Paul, such as:

  • Feeds from great RP sites (RP Flix, ronpaulforums, dailypaul, r/ronpaul)
  • Live chat box, used during the last debate to discuss it
  • Twitter feeds for Paul
  • Merchandise for Paul (I receive absolutely no commission, available purely to help)
  • RP 2012 Endorsements
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    Freedom: too big to Fail

    How would you react to these two yard signs:
    1. Ron Paul - Restore America Now
    2. Freedom - Too Big to Fail. Vote Ron Paul

    Which of the two would attract best the following:
    1. Ron Paul Supporters
    2. Republicans
    3. Democrats
    - active
    - inactive
    4. Independents
    - active
    - inactive
    5. Politically indifferent
    6. Women
    7. Men
    8. People Age <= 30
    9. People age > 30
    10. USA born
    11. Immigrant US citizens
    12. You

    1. the demographics: ~40% inactive Republican, ~40% inactive Democrats. 3% active Dems and 3% active GOPs.

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    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you..." The Tipping Point

    We (Ron Paul, his 2012 campaign, and all of his supporters) reached a milestone this weekend.

    We crossed over that imaginary line where the primary defense against the rising tide of liberty and Ron Paul's presidential campaign can be censorship.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't mean that the political establishment won't continue to ignore him whenever possible. And I don't mean to claim that they haven't already been laughing at and fighting Ron Paul and all who support him.

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    Ron Paul as Frodo Baggins

    We may NOT want to make this comparison because I've heard that the Lord of the Rings and Tolkien were Gnostic and were involved in witchcraft, but . . .

    The story itself is a great allegory for Ron Paul's fight against the Fed. Think about it.

    Frodo was an underdog figure who was the only one with enough integrity/character to be able to 'carry' the burden of the ring and make the trek all the way to Mordor to destroy it.

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    Let's Roll.....Alex Jones show....from ignoring to attacking Dr. Paul....

    These two videos need to go viral folks......let's roll......

    Our country is in the fight of it's life folks.....pass these far and wide....time to take the establishment on and take our FREEDOM and our RIGHTS back....let's shut these globalist down!!

    Media Plays Race Card Against Ron Paul ...spread this around....!

    Media shifts from ignoring to attacking Ron Paul

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    Key talking points to nail Bachmann to the wall of shame

    If you intend to go after Bachmanns political charades Ill offer some ideas here. Divide and conquer. Seperate her from her listeners by driving a heavy political wedge between her and them. She is an "elite"...make them believe and understand that by talking about the $250,000 farm she owns and which she voted to receive over $250,000 dollars in subsidies for not even counting the profits afterwards.

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