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Ron Paul War Room Part 2

Started in 2007 and it's still there. In conjunction with the Daily Paul, we should use the War Room to its fullest extent.

The Ron Raul War Room was a great asset in the 2008 campaign.

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Campaign Support Ideas

Hey everybody, I'm brand new to the forums and I apologize if this topic has already been covered but I couldn't find anything on it on this site.

We all support Ron Paul and we also know that the media throws him under the bus most of the time. A lot of the supporters that I have heard from have done things such as emailing and complaining to the networks, requesting/demanding more coverage. But I am wondering what ideas you all have in terms of circumventing mainstream media, but doing a little more than just putting up a "Ron Paul 2012" sign in your front yard.

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Perry claims deadly Gardasil order was a mistake

Now that he’s running for president Texas Governor Rick Perry claims that he made a mistake when he ordered school-aged girls in the Lone Star State to get a deadly vaccine promoted as a miracle cure for cervical cancer.

NH Campaign, Alive and Well!

Finally Pindell puts some positive spin on the NH campaign and you can see that even the young women here in NH aren't wimps when it comes to certain 'sports'. See photo!

Message from Jim Forsythe, Ron Paul supporter in NH

This is an account of the weekend from my friend Jim Forsythe, who was the emcee for the program on Saturday. He manages Ron Paul Meetup #6 in NH, ( is a Strafford County Co-Chair and involved in outreach for HomeSchoolers in the NH campaign. He has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, and is a 16-year veteran of the Air Force, having served in combat support to Bosnia, Somalia and Iraq as a tanker pilot.

Whew! Here is what Jim had to say:

I am finally recovering from a whirlwind of excitement this weekend.

Emulating Ron Paul

As we've come to expect, here is another great article from Jennifer Reynolds.

The fact that supposedly 'top tier' candidates are emulating Ron is becoming more and more apparent.

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Dr. Ron Paul breaks through to third place for cash on hand

Ron Paul has announced his fundraising numbers and the MSM has finally taken notice.

In preparation for an interview with George Stephanopoulos which will be aired on Sunday July 8, this article appeared on the ABC News website:

Be sure to see the video clip at the bottom, and then the whole interview tomorrow.

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Ron Paul Campaign Flyer

I made a Ron Paul flyer that can be printed and handed out inexpensively. I tried to fit as much on one page as I could and still get the message out. Feel free to download and disperse it.

Ron Paul Flyer

I thought it came out well and I'm going to hand it out at the local shopping malls.

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The Message of Ron Paul - Let's hit the airwaves

We are ramping things up here in NH, plotting and planning for Ron and clearing the way for debates, radio programs, interviews, and other appearances with many coalition groups.

A commenter gave me an idea. While we are concentrating on early states like NH and their local groups and shows, national shows like Noory's on Coast to Coast would be a great way to get the message out to all the states. Ron can simply call in from wherever he is.

Here is how to do it..please be nice...these folks interviewed Pat Buchanan many times on his way to winning the NH Primary..

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May 15th Debate hosted by South Carolina GOP

The 2007 First-In-The-South Republican Party Presidential Candidates Debate will be televised live by FOX News Channel at 9:00 PM from the University of South Carolina’s Koger Center for the Arts on Tuesday, May 15, 2007. FOX News Channel Washington Managing Editor Brit Hume will moderate the debate and FOX News Sunday Anchor Chris Wallace and White House Correspondent Wendell Goler will ask questions of the candidates.

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Alexa Data says Ron Paul 2008 Website traffic quintupled

This news is from a fan who noticed that web traffic to the Ron Paul site tripled after the debate, while visits to other GOP candidate sites dropped precipitously.

Although the Paul site has only been operational since March, the recent volume closely approaches the highest visit counts to the Giuliani and McCain websites and is currently five times higher than the major candidates.

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ABC News has epiphany over Ron Paul

ABC news has finally admitted to Ron's showing of support in the debate with this article here:

If you read the ensuing commentary, you will see that savvy Paul supporters do not buy the idea that one guy with a computer voted 80,000 times!

Let's hope FOX NEWS understands that they will not get away with any hanky panky on May 15th...

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John McLaughlin proclaims best performance by Ron Paul!

John McLaughlin is one of the most respected commentators on TV today. In his opinion, which you will hear at the end of this video, Ron gave the best performance in the debate.

Is it any wonder? It's easy to give a good performance when you are honest, sincere, convicted and correct!

So, let's review our successes:

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NH supporters gearing up for some debate fun!

Just in case anyone from NH is reading this blog but is out of the loop of our vast network of Ron Paul supporters' websites, here goes!

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