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Signs! Signs! Come get your FREE Signs!

SIGNS!!! SIGNS!!! Come get your FREE Signs!

Please visit for all of your grassroot supplies we have signs, flyers, stickers, and we are also in the production of DVD handouts as well.

Spread this valuable resource to all Ron Paul supports!


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where can i put signs??

i want to put up some campaign signs in iowa, but i don't want them to just come down.

also where can i leave info for others??

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Ron Paul ReSupply (Grassroot Materials for Ron Paul RƎVOLTUTION)

    Attention All Soldiers for Liberty!

The Ron Paul ReSupply website is officially up and running. We need your help to make it into a useful tool for the movement, please visit the site via search engine i.e. Google, Yahoo, and/or Bing.


When Googling please enter: Ron Paul ReSupply
or click here:

here is the


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OMG Ron Paul is dominating online sales!

I was just at Zazzle dot com to stock up on some Ron Paul 2012 gear and noticed the good doctor absolutely dominating the bestsellers list.

He's catching on, I tell ya!

0 votes BIG SIGNS 4'x8' and 2'x4'

We are looking at getting the large signs out in early October.

The 4'x8' signs are hard to ship and must be sold in large quantity.

The 2'x4' signs are easier to ship, and it is my favorite size.

Bigger is better when it comes to signs!!!!

In Liberty,


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Are there any contests going on yet for car wraps or signs in yards?

I remember last time some of us used cars to help get the word out about Ron Paul-car wraps work also the colored chalk. Also I was wondering if folks are putting out the signs in yards-the typical campaign signs are good, but it would grab attention better if folks also make up their own signs, huge signs along busy highways would really help.

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4 x 8 Signs

Anybody know where to get the 4' x 8' signs like the campaign had in 2008

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Signs in Ft. Worth, TX

I saw the signs you hung. Thanks! It brought a smile to my face. Ron Paul 2012!

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Awesome Video! Paul supporters using sign language to explain media blackout

Awesome video I saw surfing youtube. Paul supporters use sign language to communicate the recent media blackout.

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Freedom: too big to Fail

How would you react to these two yard signs:
1. Ron Paul - Restore America Now
2. Freedom - Too Big to Fail. Vote Ron Paul

Which of the two would attract best the following:
1. Ron Paul Supporters
2. Republicans
3. Democrats
- active
- inactive
4. Independents
- active
- inactive
5. Politically indifferent
6. Women
7. Men
8. People Age <= 30
9. People age > 30
10. USA born
11. Immigrant US citizens
12. You

1. the demographics: ~40% inactive Republican, ~40% inactive Democrats. 3% active Dems and 3% active GOPs.

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Home made campaign signs

What if instead of using the typical preprinted, mass produced campaign signage that EVERY candidate uses, we instead encouraged supporters to make signs by hand?

It would seem to me that it would not only emphasize the grassroots support Ron Paul has behind him, but it would help send the message that actual people are behind him, taking time out of their day and using their own resources to show their support. It would also help him stand out amongst a sea of others that mass produce campaign signage.

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The BEST grassroots ACTIVISM idea to SPREAD THE WORD!

I have believed and voted for the Republican Party line since Reagan. I thought that Ron Paul was crazy...because the establishment TOLD me that he was crazy. Then, by accident, I began to listen...

If I am any indication, it is not billboards nor yard signs nor T-shirts that change people's minds. Rather, it is the EXPOSURE to NEW IDEAS that changes minds.

This is exactly how I was transformed into an ardent supporter of Dr. Paul. A strong, vibrant seed was planted that encouraged study and further exploration...and I've never looked back.

Ron Paul sign on private property...

Thanks to FOX for the publicity and some great glamour shots of the 'sign'! (This news item is worth more than a million dollars of TV advertising did you realize? Plus, I really think the 'ordinance' only applies to signs on PUBLIC property. There should not be any rules pertaining to what you can do with your own property)

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