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Urgent from Stewart Rhodes: Give Me Your Top Ten Unconstitutional Bush Actions

I am about to write a blistering rebuttal to a neocon, Bush kool-aid drinking diatribe that acts as though the Bush years never happened, and only under Obama was the Constitution subverted. As usual, these neocons totally ignore the incredibly destructive, unconstitutional, treasonous actions of the Bush Admin and only complain about what has happened in the past three years, as if they were in a coma till January, 2009. I cannot at this time disclose the document I am rebutting, but I will post it, along with my rebuttal, after I am done.

Please help me by adding your top ten list (or top 20!) of Bush Admin crimes against the Constitution.

I think I already have a pretty decent list, but let me know if I am missing anything.

My top ten list of Bush Admin crimes against Constitution:

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Is Chris Christie the neocon's last hope, someone explain what's going on?

What's going on behind the scenes here, evidently the neocons do not want to nominate Romney (despite the fact he tries to emulate them) and obviously they are trying to neutralize Paul. Their bid with Perry has failed and they have no other viable candidates. Are they trying to use Christie as their last hope to get a neocon in?

10/1 Sources: Christie Reconsidering Decision to Stay Out of GOP Race

Wealthy, Influential, Leaning Republican and Pushing a Christie Bid for President

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The seed is beginning to sprout.

Last election cycle, I was trying to make my case for Ron Paul to both a friend of mine and to my parents. My friend at the time was very neo-con and thought Ron Paul's ideals were out there, and believed that he had no chance to win. At the same time, my parents, who are very reasonable people, bought into the Obama hype and supported him very strongly. In early 2008, I let my parents listen to the debate where Fox questioned his electability, and I think that opened their eyes to how the republican establishment ridiculed him and tried to minimize him.

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Ron Paul's New Campaign Strategy: "You Can Only TRUST ME."

Okay, I'm writing this at 2:30 am, just got back to Miami, I was at Tampa at the Tea Party debate watch party. The whole damn event was a neocon breeding ground. For the most part, they were just Bush-lovin' Conservatives who feel special because they're apart of the Constitution-esque movement called the Tea Party. They just enjoy being pissed off about something, that's how I summed up the atmosphere having been surrounded by them all for a good 4 hours...

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Proof that Neocons, CFR, and bildebergers still run the country, Party not important.

First watch this video of 4 star general Wesley Clark filmed in 2007.

Now this Democratic presidential hopeful of 2004, he stated that 5 countries are going to be attacked. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran.

OK so this is filmed in 07, how many of you were thinking that we were going to attack Libya in 07. NO ONE, RIGHT!

Never Mind the Turks several weeks ago had a buildup on the Syrian border, CHECK this link on the latest OBAMA DicKtatorial executive order.

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Former 4-Star General Admits Neocon Coup in Middle East

I have been labeled a conspiracy theorist for about a decade because there has never been enough credible references sharing the truth about the neocon agenda to dismantle and takeover the middle east.

Until now.

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Neo-con "conservative" Byron York "The perplexing and somewhat frightening Ron Paul "

I subscribe to the News Tribune, but that will end tomorrow and I will tell them why.

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10 Reasons Why Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann Suck

(Author’s note: I am aware that this is an incomplete list, but I had to narrow it down to 10 points-please add to the list in the comments section)

Rick Perry:

• Perry mandated compulsory Gardasil vaccines for 6th grade girls, which was overturned by the state legislature (2007).

• As the Agriculture Commissioner of Texas, Perry ushered genetically engineered (GE) crops into the state. He used dirty tricks to defeat the former Commissioner, Jim Hightower, who instituted the organic farmers certification program and would have required GE food labeling.

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Converting a Neocon?

There has been some talk about how to convert neocons, and I would like to help answer that question with my own story.

I was just recently converted from neoconship a few months ago.

For me, it took about a year and a half of watching Glenn Beck. Believe it or not, if you watched him everyday for the last two years, you would see a great change in him from pure neocon to libertarian leaning neocon. He focused more and more on the constitution and freedom before he went off the air recently. I think this had a great effect in softening me for the message of liberty.

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Philip Mencken of the DailyCaller writes the most aggressive article I've yet seen

The DC has an article posted right now that calls ron paul voters mongoloids,conspiracy theorists,racists, and more... Presidential Straw Poll, Round two! (same disrespect)


Remember we did very poor in their first presidential straw poll. This website is very illegal immigration oriented and there are a lot of neoconservatives here as well. Look at questions number 7 - 9 (especially 7) there was a lot of disrespect towards Ron Paul considering he's had the most Top 3 finishes in Republican Party straw polls out of ALL the canidates.

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