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Oklahoma--Groovefest booth

On October 2nd, the University of Oklahoma Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty will have a booth at Groovefest. This is a bi-annual event to raise awareness about human and civil rights issues that is in its 26th year. We are excited to be a part of it this year! We plan on registering people to vote and spreading awareness about Ron Paul's stance on things like the Patriot Act, the TSA and the non-intervention Foreign Policy. If you are in the greater Oklahoma City metro area, come out and say Hi! There are good bands and it's all free.

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Oklahoma - We got our grassroots RP booth power-grabbed from us.

We got a pre-paid booth at the Cleveland County Fair in Norman, OK for the purpose of spreading the message. Long story short. THEY (county fair management) STOLE OUR BOOTH FROM US. It was an unruly power move most likely coerced by the local DEM or GOP groups (that also have a booth. There was no rule excluding candidate booths. We fought and really have no re-course. Even talked to ACLU (within whom I have friends) and no deal.

So we have two things we are going to do and you can help:

Cool Ron Paul booth with a theme...

This fellow who owns a hot air balloon has been to our NH balloon festivals displaying a Ron Paul sign on his basket and handing out literature. He was there at the Strafford County Picnic with the basket and a huge custom-painted banner covering his trailer.

But he really has gone the extra mile here, where in his home state he has a fully decked out Ron Paul booth at this balloon fair, complete with a video being projected on the banner.

More photos here:


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