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Phone from Home Project UPDATE: Call-Ticker Might Be Coming!

When President (too soon?) Ron Paul first announced the Phone from Home Project I had the thought that a call ticker might help inspire participation and maintain momentum. A ticker that recorded how many calls have been made and how many phones were actually answered would let all of us know that we aren't working alone and also give us a better idea of our progress.

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Ron Paul Outreach NYC Protests

Has there been any effort for Ron Paul outreach at the occupy wall street protests? This movement is completely lost. They want to protest corporate greed in government, but they don't know the issues, and they can't keep focused. Ron Paul supporters need to teach about the Federal Reserve, and how this fuels corporate greed. We need to educate about balanced budgets and sound money as major to the solution of ending corporate greed. They need to be taught to look beyond Red/Blue, Liberal/Conservative, Democrat/Republican.

New website to help spread the word..

I was asked to let you know of a new website that has a unique system for spreading the word to friends about Ron Paul. Caution: please do not spam.

"Have you ever wanted to e-mail a friend of yours who is pro-second amendment about Ron Paul, but didn't have the time to research all the good bills, youtube videos, writings, etc?

Have you ever written a fantastic e-mail to a friend about Ron Paul. It took you hours to come up with all the great material, and you'd love to share your email with more than just your friends?

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Start Promoting Ron Paul to Others

I want to thank Michael for opening up this blog for me. I'm actually the Organizer of the Pittsburgh Meetup, and I want to use this site as means to help share good ideas amongst groups about how to get the message out there about Ron Paul. We have been fortunate to have a good amount of success in our area, and from having spoken to a number of the Organizers, both through Meetup and Facebook, we have learned some important things.

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