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P-P-P Poll Has Paul @ 5% Gingrich @ 15%

18 to 29 6%
30 to 45 24%
46 to 65 46%
Older than 65 24%


LOL, what a joke.

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Post Debate Poll Herman Cain currently leading

Here is a post debate poll that Herman Cain is currently winning:


At this time, Herman Cain has 72% to Ron Paul's 12%.

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Vote for Ron in this Poll, he needs help


This guy is parading Romney around, where the comments say otherwise.

Vote for Ron, and comment about Romney and Federal Reserve Chairman Cain.

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Fox Poll - Who Won last night's Republican Debate?


Ron is behind, let's get him caught up!!!

Herman Cain - 39.5%
Ron Paul - 30.95%
Mitt Romney 15.01%
Rick Perry 2.76%

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Facebook Poll - Cain Winning

Here is a Facebook Poll, Cain is winning:


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Post-Debate Polls

Hey everyone, I'm posting all the credible polls I can find after tonight's debate to


From there, each link has a shortened URL if you want to share that specific poll. If you find one that I don't have, please add it as a comment.

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Paul Maintains Top Tier Status In New Hampshire, Perry Plummets

By Steve Watson

Congressman Ron Paul has been placed third in the latest telling poll to emerge from the traditional first primary state of New Hampshire, while Rick Perry could only tie for fifth, seeing his numbers plummet to just 4%.

Harvard University Institute of Politics and New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College poll placed Paul in third with 13% of the vote, making him only one of three candidates to score in double digits.

Herman Cain pulled in 20%, while Mitt Romney led the standings with 38%.

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Paul at 8% in Latest Gallup Poll

PRINCETON, NJ -- Republicans' support for Herman Cain has surged to 18%, their support for Rick Perry has sagged to 15%, and their support for Mitt Romney remains relatively stable at 20%. However, Romney's support is matched by the 20% of Republicans who are unsure which candidate they will back for the Republican nomination in 2012.


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CNN Hit Piece:Conservative leader discounts Paul win

TRENDING: Conservative leader discounts Paul win
(CNN) - The president of the Family Research Council characterized Rep. Ron Paul's weekend win in the Values Voter Summit straw poll as "an outlier."

Tony Perkins, who heads the social conservative group, said the Republican presidential candidate influenced the results by busing supporters to the event, proving his 37% support is not reflective of social conservative backing nationally.

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Ron Paul Firmly in "Top Tier" in Latest NH Poll!

"The real significant finding in this data is not so much who the frontrunner is at this point - Governor Romney has been the front runner in this field for a while - but who is NOT in the top tier,” said Patrick Griffin, Senior Fellow at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics.

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As Long As Someone BESIDES Ron Paul Wins A Straw Poll

I was watching the all amazing FAIR AND BALANCED fox news and it doesn't shock me AT ALL anymore as to how biased this so called news network really is.

I love how they state that the msm isn't allowing Ron Paul to SURGE from his straw poll wins unlike cain and the others.

Does fox really think that WE believe that THEY are not the msm? Does fox really think that THEY are actually fair and balanced or are ALL the reporters that crooked as human beings and will do or say ANYTHING just to collect a paycheck?

How was bachmanns straw poll win different from rons?

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Values Voter Straw Poll Organizers Suggest A fIx In Ron Paul's Win

The latest unseen attempt is to suggest, falsely, that Ron Paul and his campaign purposefully rigged the results of straw poll to make him the winner. We must expose this fraud accusation as a attempt to discredit the campaign and the congressman himself.


By Lindsey Boerma

Rep. Ron Paul scored a decisive victory Saturday in a mock presidential election at the Values Voter Summit, trouncing fellow Texan, Gov. Rick Perry, but an organizer of the straw poll suggested ballot-stuffing may have skewed the results.

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Here It Is!! RP Off-The-Charts Media Response to Value Voter Win

This is the gem to post all over the web.

Ron Paul Wins Values Voter Summit Straw Poll!! (Media Coverage)


And don't forget...
The Awakening of a Generation: Ron Paul 2012

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