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Obama, Romney and Paul, fundraising sources compared

Ron Paul has large percentage of small donations; Romney's donations are largely $2500

Goldman Sachs employee donations top Obama and Romney; look who tops for Paul...

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Wall Street "Fat cats" Line Up for Romney

" least 100 donors who previously supported Obama in 2008 haven't written a check to his re-election campaign and are instead supporting Mitt Romney's 2012 bid. "

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Harris Poll: Paul beats Obama 51-49

UPDATE: Now linked on DRUDGE.

The Good Doctor is getting his due...

By Greg McDonald | News Max

"Mitt Romney stands the best chance among Republican presidential contenders of beating President Barack Obama in next year’s election, according to a new Harris Interactive poll released Tuesday.

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RomneyCare Video

As Paul is moving quickly to a #2 spot... it seems the right time to unload on Romney.

Can someone (who is good with making videos and near Mass.) PLEASE interview the people of mass. asking them how they like RomneyCare.

Word is, they don't!

Mitt has done a pretty good job spinning this failure... time to correct it.

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Mitt Romney vs Ron Paul?

Mitt vs Ron Paul? Looks like speculations are starting to bubble up.

Looks like they are showing battle fatigue... "Ron Paul ante Portas!"

"Ron Paul is at the Gates!"

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Romney wins Michigan Straw Poll

[This from ABC News, which didnt even report Ron Paul's California Straw Poll victory]

By Emily Friedman
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Sep 25, 2011 12:09pm
On Home Turf, Romney Prevails in Straw Poll

Mitt Romney didn’t disappoint on his home turf this weekend, receiving 51 percent of the votes at the Michigan Straw Poll, a wide victory over Texas Gov. Rick Perry who garnered just 17 percent.

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Romney backed by Goldman Sach

You can tell that Romney is backed by big Banks! Check out some of the donations made to his campaign. Goldman Sach is one of his largest donators.

GOLDMAN SACH & CO. 235,750.00
CREDIT SUISSE 156,000.00

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Herman Cain is Bad for America and not a Conservative

Ron Paul friends. We need to get hot on finding info on why Herman Cain is not good. We did a great job exposing Rick Perry, but now we need to expose Herman Cain. Don't take this guy lightly. I just left the Florida Straw Poll. We need ammunition so we can expose this guy for the shill that he is. Please post about him, write articles about him, and spread the word so we can have better talking points! Thank you!

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Fox News Pulls Poll Showing Ron Paul Debate Victory, Claims Mitt Romney Won

Source citations avaliable within the article website link above.

written by Paul Joseph Watson

The establishment media’s relentless campaign to denigrate Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has manifested itself once again, after a poll showing Paul had won last night’s Orlando debate was pulled by Fox News who later published an article claiming Mitt Romney had instead claimed the victory.

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7:51 AM, CNN News Update Mentions Romney, Perry - no Ron Paul.

News announcer says something like, "In new NH poll Rick Perry behind Romney" then adds that Romney is 27% ahead of his "closest opponent" who is Ron Paul but was not mentioned.

Mention Perry, mention Romney, ignore Paul.

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Ron Paul the 13th Floor Again!

Hey Everyone,

I found an article at CBS that ignores Ron Paul's current Polling numbers and places Bachmann in the #3 slot get the word out about this. See the link below:

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Politico: Mitt Romney Doubling Down in Miami Today (9/21/2011), “I told them (Iowans), corporations are people"

Mitt Romney is doubling down on his “corporations are people” line.

Speaking to a town hall-style gathering at a Miami airport hotel, the former Massachusetts governor repeated the line he first said last month at the Iowa State Fair.

“I’ll communicate to the private sector, by the way, that we like you,” Romney said in response to a question about how to encourage banks to lend more money. “We like enterprise. I was in Iowa the other day, and people suggested that we just raise taxes on corporations.”

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