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Disturbing Romney ads on Ron Paul Google News Searches

Anyone else notice Romney for President Ads on Ron Paul Google Searches in the News Section?

Thats kind of underhanded t makes him seem all too present, any chance the Revolution could return the favor and throw Ron Paul for President Ads on Mitt Romney Searches?

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"Ron Paul Republican" Congressman Jason Chaffetz of UT helps Mitt fundraise?!?

'Chaffetz told the Deseret News he participated in the fundraiser because, "My number one goal is I want to beat Barack Obama. I think Mitt Romney right now is in the best position to do that." '

The fake teaparty strikes again!

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Just had a great idea! - Blue and Red Mitt Romney cookies??

I thought this could be something people give out at various Ron Paul events (where it's legal) or wherever they want to make the point. Blue and Red Mitt Romney cookies!

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Oh the flattery: Mitt Romney Central copies the Daily Paul

When you head on over to Mitt Central, the strategy SHOULD be to FIRST AGREE.

1) First Agree with the Mitt fan. Find some point, any point that they hold that is indeed a good one, lower taxes, or we need free trade, or Mitts last statement during the debates about what he's learned in Foreign policy. Spend lots of time here, get that agreement down solid.

2) Second, Agree that Rick Perry is a fraud, the real enemy. Find something, anything that is true, to agree with.

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Slimy is as slimy does

The Twitter feed @CrazyKhazei, which mocked a Sen. Scott Brown rival and turns out to have been ghosted by Eric Fehrnstrom - an adviser to Mitt Romney and Brown - turns out to be a bit of a trove for criticism about the various GOP 2012 hopefuls.

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Mitt Romney Caught Stealing Personal Contact Info through Third-Parties

Anybody else receive an unsolicited e-mail from Mitt Romney this morning, "We Can't Afford Four More Years," with today's date as the supposed day that you opted in to his e-mails?

I did.

But of course, as a Ron Paul supporter, I didn't opt in at all; according to the Romney campaign's subscription Source Information, my info was provided through "An organically grown email list from a political organization."

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Gallup: Obama 'Closely' Matched Against Paul, Bachmann

Check out the front of the Drudge Report!

PRINCETON, NJ -- President Barack Obama is closely matched against each of four possible Republican opponents when registered voters are asked whom they would support if the 2012 presidential election were held today. Mitt Romney leads Obama by two percentage points, 48% to 46%, Rick Perry and Obama are tied at 47%, and Obama edges out Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann by two and four points, respectively.

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Romney acknowledges Paul's success at Ames

"I think it was a great show of strength for Michele Bachmann, and Ron Paul. ... i think it had significance for the people who participated in that poll." -- Romney

This is encouraging. Maybe Romney doesn't think of Paul as a serious threat, in the same way that many say Bachmann is Romney's ideal opponent. That's great if Romney thinks Paul will be easy to conquer, allowing Paul to rise without resisting. When the field narrows, Romney will realize too late that the kitten he let out of the cage was actually a tiger cub.

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Gallup Poll: Ron Paul tied for First Place with Mitt Romney

In the latest Gallup Poll (August 22), Dr. Ron Paul is tied for first place with Mitt Romney in a matchup versus President Barack Obama. Both Dr. Paul and Mr. Romney are one point behind Obama in a hypothetical voting matchup among national adults:

Paul 44 Obama 45

Romney 46 Obama 47

Rick Perry 44 Obama 48

M Bachmann 43 Obama 48

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Isn't it entertaining?

Watching each establishment alternative to Ron Paul self-destruct, as the MSM looks on,acting so foolishly Jon Stewart makes them laughingstocks.

First Gingrich
Then Trump
Then Pawlenty
Then Cain
Then Santorum
Then Romney
Then Hunstman
Then Bachmann
Now Perry

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Ron Paul Versus The Candidates

I wish I knew how to embed videos here... My apologies... but this video lists problems in each of the other candidates and their claims to be "small government." It is not all-inclusive, and I would bet the video that was all inclusive would be more than a couple of hours long, but... I hope it's things like this that make people think twice about TEA Party sweetheart Michelle Bachmann, "Slick" Mitt Romney and J.R. "Dick" Perry.

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Ron Paul, Romney, Bachmann and Perry Begin to Shape Republican Field

Considering that he [Rick Perry] still is nonetheless perceived as more mainstream in his appeal than Bachman, it's unclear whether the far right can afford to continue to demand something more conservative than Mitt Romney if they remain oblivious to Ron Paul's candidacy.

Wow! Ron Paul at the Mackinac Island Conference

We just got in from spending the weekend at the Michigan GOP Leadership Conference on scenic and historic Mackinac Island. Many exciting things happened during the last few days, including an opportunity to meet my adult-hood hero, Congressman Ron Paul. I don't have time to do a full post right now but I give you some highlights.

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A Poll Worth Examining

A nationwide poll conducted last week by of 39,000 conservative activists amongst a registered network of over 1,000,000 members netted some surprising and very positive results.

Thompson - 28%
Romney - 14%
Paul - 13%
Huckabee - 7%

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