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Ron Paul excluded from MSN.com front page presidential poll


They have Perry, Romney, Bachmann, and Huntsman listed as if these guys are the 'top tier' choices. HELLO?! Where is the No.3 man in the race? The other choices are 'One of the other candidates' and 'A person who has not yet entered the race'. I think you know what to do about this blatant marginalization.

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Frontrunner poll


At 10:28am EDT, Ron Paul 72.59% with 32,871 votes.

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Vote Vote Vote in this poll!

Vote for Ron in this poll by O'Reilly! Lets show him who the American people really support!


Located on the left side of the page.

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Fox News Pulls Poll Showing Ron Paul Debate Victory, Claims Mitt Romney Won


Source citations avaliable within the article website link above.

written by Paul Joseph Watson

The establishment media’s relentless campaign to denigrate Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has manifested itself once again, after a poll showing Paul had won last night’s Orlando debate was pulled by Fox News who later published an article claiming Mitt Romney had instead claimed the victory.

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Yahoo Post-Debate Poll VOTE!


It should be on the right column

Paul is beating mittens by a small margin

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Did FOX hide another poll?

Last night following the debate there was a Poll on foxnews.com asking who won the debate.

By 1AM Eastern Ron Paul was clearly in the lead by a large margin with roughly 18,500 votes and 38.17% of the total vote.

As of this morning the Poll has either been removed, or moved and buried somewhere on the foxnews.com site.

The now non-functional link to the poll is as follows.


A search for Ron Paul on foxnews.com still lists this as the 3rd result, but the link goes nowhere...

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Fox and Friends Debate Poll - Airing 9/23/11 - TOO close TO call

Please vote in the Fox and Friends debate poll. This will be aired on the show. It is a very close race, not a runaway.


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Today was a good day for Ron Paul.

First, Ron Paul did wonderful in the FL debate. His answers were met with enthusiasm and he was given plenty of time to finish his thoughts.

His post-interview with Sean Hannity was (apparently) respectful and allowed Dr. Paul another favorable venue. I say apparently because I didn't see it and I'm only reporting what I've read here.

And finally, the good Doctor just informed the entire debate viewing audience that he is a contender in third place. I'm sure more than a few heads looked at each other and thought, "Really? I had no idea he's being taken this seriously."

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why is there no graphic of the california poll?

why is there no graphic of the california poll?

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Ron Paul and Gary Johnson winning Fox poll

Who do you look forward to hearing from during the Fox/Google 2011 GOP presidential debate?
Johnson 25.55--Ron Paul 24.04.

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