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VOTE for Ron @ The Economist Website! Let the establishment hear it!

Hey Everyone!

The establishment needs to know in the above link that covering Ron Paul must now move past the stage of determining whether or not he's "electable" or a "serious contender."

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You're entuastic about Ron Paul right? Then vote in Fox's poll!

Brett Baier's Special Report is asking if we are enthusiastic about a GOP candidate. Let them know that we are about Ron Paul!

By the way, most people are currently saying that they're NOT enthusiastic about anyone.

Christian Science Monitor Article on Ron Paul

Adroit online, Ron Paul backers hit the streets of N.H.

Manchester, N.H. - They're coming from Miami and Seattle, from the "big sky" state of Montana, and from close to home here in New Hampshire. They're coming to help political iconoclast Ron Paul get elected president – many as campaign first-timers who, characteristically independent, may not even feel obliged to tell the Paul camp what exactly they're planning to do on the candidate's behalf.

The Paulites' push for old-style, on-the-ground politicking in New Hampshire, coming just five weeks before the primary, marks a change for a support network that has always relied on websites and online fundraising. They're here now because they see the Granite State – with its reputation as antitax, anti-big government, and pro-individual freedom – as especially fertile ground for a libertarian-leaning Republican candidate like Mr. Paul.

"New Hampshire is really important because it's the first primary and it sends a message to other states about who's viable and who the leading candidates are. There was all this Internet enthusiasm, but we didn't have enough boots on the ground," says Vijay Boyapati, a Google engineer who recently left the Seattle firm to work on Paul's campaign.

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Ron Paul for President 2.0 in Time Magazine Online

In an article entitled "Ron Paul for President 2.0" Time Magazine marvels at the amount of Dr. Paul's web support and discusses reasons why this is not reflected in the polls and finally asks this question:

Can his wired supporters take a break from shout-outs, sending virtual drinks and writing on virtual walls to shut down their computers and go out and vote?

I think the answer is YES!

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