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Who's Getting Inside the Western Debate? Who's holding signs outside?

We need to start getting more consistently strategic. We need to be planning way out into the future. That's where our successes have come from. The sign bomb, the BTO money bomb, the Values Voter poll: these were all prepared ahead of time.

So whats happening with the debate in nevada next week? Are people arranging to get there and sign wave? Is anyone trying to get inside and watch? We should be there in big numbers! That's our state!

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A painting I did for our local Ron Paul Grassroots Headquarters

Here is a painting I did to replace the existing floor emblem (was a western wear retailer) of our soon to open Ron Paul Grassroots HQ in Norman,OK. The space is in a prime spot amongst galleries and nightlife and within 1 mile of The Univ. Of Oklahoma.
We will do a full write-up when we are ready to have the grand opening.

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Sign Bomb a Success! Here is What's Next!

Our first nationwide Sign Bomb on October 10th, 2011 was a success!!!

We've energized our base and shown people Ron Paul CAN WIN!

Around the country we got hoots, hollering, and honks as we had over 600 groups set an unofficial sign waving World Record! There is growing recognition Ron Paul is a serious contender. Any doubts people have about Ron Paul's ability to win should be evaporating!

Our Sign Bomb Video went from 0 to over 2,000 views in just over 24 hours!

Here is some local press we received:

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Nationwide Ron Paul Sign Bomb Today! Monday 10/10/11

Today Monday October 10, 2011 we have a nationwide Sign Bomb for Ron Paul! 4:30-6:30 pm local time

Signs are a proven effective technique for advertising, and many people first found Ron Paul from a sign! This may be the biggest coordinated sign waving effort in history. It would be awesome if we could get any televised press!

This event has been in the making for months all thanks to patriot and Daily Paul member Monica Serrano who is the creator and National Coordinator.

I learned how difficult it has been coordinating this project. People will often say things but don't always follow through, and she often did things herself to make sure they got done. I for one offer my sincere thanks!!!

The site also doubles for creating delegates for Ron Paul. Please support this site and effort by Tweeting, Liking, and any other promotion you can think of! LET'S WAVE SOME SIGNS!!!

Watch the Sign Bomb Video (very inspirational!!!)

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I think the "best" videos should be available for download on torrent.

Not every potential Ron Paul voter has broadband, is comfortable on the Internet, follows links, visits blogs, or even reads emails.

Not every potential Ron Paul activist (believe it or not) is tech savvy, wired, or knowledgeable about how best to utilize the new media.

For example, I would like to burn some homemade DVD's with selected Ron Paul videos to hand out to neighbors or casual acquaintances.

I could do so with or without some slimjims and/or a personal letter to supplement the video content.

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Ron Paul ReSupply (Grassroot Materials for Ron Paul RƎVOLTUTION)

    Attention All Soldiers for Liberty!

The Ron Paul ReSupply website is officially up and running. We need your help to make it into a useful tool for the movement, please visit the site via search engine i.e. Google, Yahoo, and/or Bing.


When Googling please enter: Ron Paul ReSupply
or click here:

here is the


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RT: Ron Paul success scares establishment

The mainstream might not consider him a top-tier candidate but his fanbase knows the truth.

Sure enough, more Americans are learning that Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul is a likely choice for the GOP come 2012, and his influence now has the other candidates running scared.

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Gathering the Grassroots in Iowa

I've got a few more meet-ups scheduled in Iowa to sync up the grassroots supporters with the official campaign. The effort is to find precinct leaders to speak on behalf of Ron Paul at the local caucuses and to organize phone banking for voter identification (and then door-to-door resource spreading...i.e. lawn signs).

Des Moines Oct. 6th:

Ames Oct. 13th:

Ames Oct. 18th:

Go on facebook and tell your friends in Iowa, that if they haven't gone to a meet-up yet they should attend one of these. We can give them direction for the next 3 months on how to best help out the campaign.

My efforts in Iowa will be recorded in my next entry of "The Ron Paul Road Warrior":

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Help Fund Grassroots Projects Ron Paul Chip-In Central

There are a number of Grassroots projects using Chip-In to gain funding.

I just gave $5 to give RP books to the Wall Street Protesters and also have my Ron Paul Road Warrior chip-in up on the page.

Times are tough I know, but $5 adds up quick, and also seeing your chip-in go up is a huge morale boost.

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Large Scale RON PAUL Banner Making Project over 8000 SQ.FT!

I am moving forward with a large scale RON PAUL 2012 banner making effort. I have already ordered 8000 square feet of material. This is about a half pallet of tarps (about 500 pounds) to be shipped via truck to my warehouse. Six, 28x48 foot tarps will allow for the manufacture of 250, 4ft x8ft banners. These banners will be targeted for high visibility locations throughout New Hampshire.

Cost of tarps: $135 each = $810 + $299 shipping, $1109 for six delivered.

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Nationwide Sign Bomb Oct 10

A grassroots campaign is trying to put together a sign bomb for Oct 10. You can view the website here,

Don't hesitate to participate. I signed up as a local coordinator for my county. (Scott MN- we still need participants!). If you do the same contact your local media, newspapers, etc. Get coverage.

For sign ideas, watch this video:

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daily caller article

It's easier to attract the bees with honey than vinegar

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Truth, Justice, and Liberty

I need some help.. We are redesigning our grassroots website ( and need some content. It will be a very simple website, but I would like to have some content about Ron Paul. I don't want any content on issues, because I don't think this campaign is about the morning-after pill or about Iran getting nukes... I think this campaign is about more than just curtailing excessive regulation & taxation and creating jobs.. I think this campaign is about more than having a non-interventionist foreign policy and sound money. I think this campaign is about promoting three core principles:

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Come Take It!

Why have a straw poll in Texas without the GOP?

This election cycle is critical to the survival of limited government and the constitution. With this in mind we Texans need to bring a voice of truth and legitimacy to this election. Unfortunately the GOP decided that it could not financially support a straw poll this year since the first straw poll was held at a loss also the party sited a lack of interest. It came as no surprise that the GOP would do such a thing after all the dirty tricks they pulled at the 2007 straw poll (see Tyranny at the Texas Straw Poll video below)

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