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Awesome article on Ron Paul at, a MUST-Read!

Hey everybody, put this article out to everybody you know, put it on facebook, and send it to everybody. This article shows that Ron is WINNING! The Revolution is here and there is no stopping us now!

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"I Am Ron Paul"

I just saw a veteran infantryman being interviewed at the P5 event in Florida. The interviewer asked him if he was influenced by Ron Paul's decision not to stick around for today (Saturday). The infantryman said he was not. He said the way he looks at it, Ron Paul IS still there in each and every one of his supporters. "I am Ron Paul," he said.

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America Needs A Doctor! New Ron Paul 2012 Video.

I hadnt seen this video posted any where on here., I watch a lot of Youtube video's and thought this one was pretty cool. So I am sharing. sorta new to computers and forums so not sure if im doing this right. Apologize in advance if I screw it up.

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The Ron Paul Road Warrior: Colorado

I've been in Colorado for the last two weeks spreading the message of Ron Paul (and other topics I write about). I've met with the Libertarian Party, Green Party (wore my Ron Paul t-shirt), Buffs for Paul, Liberty on the Rocks and the "Left Hand of Liberty." As well I've met a number of people while traveling, and have had some amazing conversations. Posted an article with my notes, links and thoughts.

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Ron Paul in Pictures

Anyone have some nice quality photo's capturing the Ron Paul Campaign? The Post is accepting submissions for the candidates

Let's get Dr. Paul some great pics.

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What Grassroots Effort or Event are YOU Working On Right Now?

I saw a thread about the flying Ron Paul banner ad over the debate chipin idea. One thing that is really missing from THIS election cycle compared to the 07/08 election cycle is the GRASSROOTS EVENTS.

While we had many grassroot ideas that flopped pretty bad, some wasted a ton of money and others were just a blast to participate in.

What it did however was bring us together, allow the grassroots to come up with whatever wild idea it had and run with it.

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Ron Paul: American warrior - Molotov Mitchell Revelation

Must See This Endorsment From Molotov Mitchell
Just In From World Net Daily!!!

People Are Catching On To The Movement!!

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Question on making Ron Paul videos

I cannot afford to buy software to create these magnificent videos that others make.

I know I can make a good one, but I limited to windows movies maker and need to know if there is software that will take an .mp4 file from youtube and be able to edit it down.

Also are there any FX type text/video/audio sound track editors that are free?

Pretty much looking at anything free that will get the job done at least decently.

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Battle of Saratoga Video for RevolutionPAC Money Bomb

Yesterday a group of Ron Paul grassroot supporters honored the 234th anniversary of the Battle of Saratoga, which helped turn the tide of the war towards liberty and freedom, by riding over 23 miles in support of Presidential candidate Ron Paul, and to give out literature and do sign waves. Celebrate liberty today by donating to ROn Paul's SuperPAC Moneybomb at

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This Video Has Some Great Quotables

...for those capable to splice and cut and make videos:

- "that's why we should let the doctor operate in 2012"
- "if you dont support ron paul, you deserve exactly what you get."

Content is explicit, yay 1st amendment.

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Recruiting begins for The GSFT (Grassroots Special Forces Team)

Public Notice:

In a joint effort between the "Revolution Super PAC", "Rock the Revolution Tour", and the "Celebrities 4 Ron Paul", we are seeking about 100 good men and women of Liberty who can help us further the cause of getting Dr. Paul elected to the Office of the President of the United States of America. The purpose of this special unit will be to do their utmost in realizing the two primary objectives stated herein under the "Info" and the "Notes" section of the "Celeberties 4 Ron Paul" Facebook page (links provided below).

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Constitution Day Comment Bomb! Make up for empty wallets with citizen advertising!

These are the times when what we do and how we respond to events beyond our control will really matter. None of us have as much money as we wish, and not as many people are giving as we'd like. So let's reassess. What does the campaign need the money for? Primarily, it needs it for advertising. In other words, money is the means, and advertising is the objective.

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A little Ron Paul video I made

A little something I put together, not the best quality as I cannot afford to purchase any video editing software with the current state of things.

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A Few NFL related strategies

A few ideas I thought maybe people could use all over the country if they are good:

1. Do lit handouts after every NFL game?

2. Bring Ron Paul signs to NFL games (rules permitting). If enough people do this I would imagine a decent amount get on TV.

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Video: You Voted for Peace!

Awesome, beautifully made, video that will win with Democrats and Independents! I believe, God willing if Ron Paul were to win the nomination, this would HAVE to be an ad run nationally.

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