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Disappointed in RevolutionPac

Has anyone spoken to the "grassroots council" over at Revolution Pac? I have made several attempts at contacting them, both by phone and email, and not even an aknowledgement. At this rate, I won't be donating to them [ again ].

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GOP Parrots

I think it would be a good idea to highlight the fact that everyone is now parroting Ron Paul's long held positions. I think a successful video would show RP making a statement and the date (a few years ago would probably be the most effective), and then a current candidate repeating the same thing years later. To amplify the effect, we would probably need that candidate making a statement contrary to their current 'belief' at some point before they agreed with RP, though.

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VIDEO: One World, One People: Where Is The Love?

I know many of my subscribers have missed my videos it has been a while since I have made a new one but I have finally got around to making another one.. This one does not have anything to do with Ron Paul but I still believe it to be very fitting for all people and humanity..We are all one.. Regardless of Race, Culture, Religion or Country.. So ask you self where is the love? Made from the song "Where is the Love?" by the Black Eyed Pea's with fitting videos over layered..

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Campaign Responds to Fake Rhetoric : we have Ron's back, Wikipedia Next:

There is a ongoing effort to get our message out. We began with the Tea Party, then Meet Ups, Straw Polls, comments and emails galore.

Wikipedia is Next: We have no control of the MSM. There is so much that can be done to clean up and monitor Ron Pauls site.

The 'favorites' have very week points that can be exploited with edits to Wikipedia. We can respond just as easily to the fake RP's attacks.

Read this,

Rick Perry and his supporters this week are firing back at Paul's Reagan-repudiating record, quoting from his 1987 resignation letter from the Republican Party

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Veterans for Ron Paul - A Grassroots Video

A compilation of videos I have collected from veterans over the last five months. As veterans we have a duty to let the American people to let them know that we overwhelmingly support the candidate of peace and the champion of The Constitution.

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Max Keiser sends us a message!

"Ron Paul’s chances for presidency are only 3%. Ron Paul is dead in the water unless this InTrade contract starts perking up."

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What does real grassroots support look like? Ron Paul - Hope is on its Way

A special day at the 12 Corners in Brighton, NY, with the Rochester Meetup Group doing their thing.

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Comprehensive List of All Meetups- What Works? What Doesn't Work?

Hey Guys!

I want to set up a comprehensive list of all the meetup groups for RP. I want to create an environment where we can learn from each others ideas and create the best grassroots platform solely to get the greatest statesmen in history elected as president.

Please list your meetup group and what you guys are doing to get RP elected.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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I made "Intro to Paul" website, for noobs and new supporters to learn Paul.

Check out the site here (almost finished) and let me know what you think:

I made this website SPECIFICALLY for persuading new supporters. I go to campus a lot and talk to people about Paul, then try to get their emails so I can send them vids of Paul. I decided I would make a website that was simple and straightforward, and also easy to maneuver through, so that I could just email these potential supporters the link to the website, and they could navigate it and learn depending on what they are interested in.

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These people look like RON PAUL supporters!

These people are part of the group Come Home America.
Are any of you a member of this from Minnesota? Maybe you're in these pictures.

They look like GREAT people for grassroots efforts.

On September 21, George W. Bush will speak at Beth El Synagogue in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Come Home America will be there from 4 - 7 p.m.

Scroll down and check out the "want ad" sign. It's my favorite!

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5 Things Every Paul Supporter Should Do

Here are 5 very easy and simple things EVERY Ron Paul support can do, and make an impact with:

1. Get a bumper sticker
It's easy! Go here: Buy a sticker for your car AS WELL as a few extra to hand out to family members and friends, this is the key part. They're cheap, you're donating to the campaign and you're giving them publicity. Think of the number of cars that will drive behind you and see the sticker!

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Ron Paul's Morality: Limited Government, Maximum Freedom

I am new to this site, although not a new Ron Paul supporter. I was an ardent Obama supporter in 2008 and even traveled to DC to see him sworn in as President, so convinced was I that he was the change this country needed. (I need not elaborate on how that turned out...) It was Obama's great betrayal to the cause of liberty that made me search for a new champion, and I have found it in Ron Paul.

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