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Why I Support Ron Paul

“What will happen if the dollar collapses? Hyperinflation will then become worldwide. I said, If. I should have said, When. It is very near total collapse already. Once the house of card falls, it will fall very quickly indeed. Money will not be worth the paper it’s printed on.” — Swami Kriyananda

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Ron Paul: What It Takes To Win

What does it take to win?

Ron Paul spoke on this to supporters recently at the Florida Liberty Summit 2011

"There's two ways to define winning. To win liberty, a lot of people need to be more involved. It isn't a numbers problem. We don't need 51%, and the majority will rule, we don't say a majority is all we need. Rather, we need a determined minority; they must be thought leaders, they have to be involved, they have to lead others, and they have to be in positions of teaching, in the media and in different places. We have lost that fight because Keynesianism and Interventionism and our foreign policy have been the prevailing attitude. So whatever you can do to change the prevailing attitude as a leader. You are a unique group, absolutely unique, because most people either don't pay attention or they pay attention at the last minute before an election. So your responsibility is much different. The burden is on individuals like you because once you've discovered what's going on, and are confident about it, you have a greater moral obligation. You are not capable of just dismissing it, you can't dismiss yourself from the importance of this. If you understand it, you have this obligation to spread this message."

"People ask, 'What should I do?'"

"Do whatever you want. Do what you think is important. Everybody is an individual.

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Just had a great idea! - Blue and Red Mitt Romney cookies??

I thought this could be something people give out at various Ron Paul events (where it's legal) or wherever they want to make the point. Blue and Red Mitt Romney cookies!

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MN State Fair silences Ron Paul drummer

Colin Wilkinson of St. Paul was at the State Fair Sunday, dressed in his patriot garb and rattling his snare drum to draw attraction to the Ron Paul for President booth on Nelson Street.

He was part of the general Fair cacophony, standing across from the DRN fish pond and near the KARE-11 booth and the reptile barn.

But about 3 p.m., Wilkinson was told by State Fair officials to stop the drumbeat.

"I was just informed that if I want to play my drum, I have to sign a contract and then stay inside the booth," Wilkinson said.

This was very upsetting news for a libertarian.

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Qr Codes = Better Organizing!

If you're organizing for an event, have a booth at a county fair, or any other such thing, use QR Codes to get people plugged into the R3VOlution!

Example of one of our Minnesota ones here:

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A simple but poignant parallel between weeding your yards, and remaining vigilant in the defense of liberty. Hope you enjoy.

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'We the People' Ron Paul Video

Just finished making my video for Ron Paul, which I titled it 'We the People':

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! - Promotion Idea - "Ron Paul 20 Mile Bike Ride" - !

I'm sure most people saw the Ron Paul quote where he challenged any other candidate to a 20 mile bike ride in 100 degree heat to prove his fitness.

I was thinking this might be a great grassroots promotion idea. People could organize "Ron Paul - 20 mile bike ride" events in their city. Everyone could wear Ron Paul apparel (perhaps signs), bike through 20 miles of their city, hand out literature or bumper stickers, etc...

It would cover a lot of ground and get a lot of attention. Perhaps in some places local media would even cover it if it was big enough.

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Publicity Bomb: "Wear a Ron Paul T-shirt Day"

Hey Guys,

I actually suggested this for the 2007 campaign but I never got off the ground with it unfortunately.

My suggestion: Organize a day where everyone wears their Ron Paul t-shirt, and makes a day of going out and walking around. Get tens of thousands of people out there. Go to shopping centres, just browse around, go out to park, walk around where people can see you. Enjoy America and advertise Ron Paul!

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I'm new, and idea needing input.

Hi All, I'm new. I've been a Ron Paul follower and supporter for awhile now, but with his chances so good for this campaign, I am ADDICTED and following every day.

I see Ron Paul as our chance for PEACE and PROSPERITY in the coming years.

I am a project manager in the tech world, working on developing websites. As such, I have been trying to think of good web-based memes to help promote Dr. Paul's messages. (Like

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Indirect campaigning: Using my money differently (i think)

a friend on facebook who runs a cabin rental lamented today "i have customers who want a discount cause they have 3 is it my problem"

i responded to her lament with: Give them $50 off thier bill, tell them it comes from a Ron Paul supporter who would appreciate they consider his candidacy.

probably a waste of money. a shot in the dark. but its my statement for today.


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A Ron Paul Army - Mobilising the Grassroots Base

Every revolution needs an army. Ron Paul's strong point has always been his grassroots people. We all genuinely believe in his message. However I think his grassroots have been a bit more fragmented this time around. Last time we all gathered around the money bombs with great success. Trevor Lyman did a lot of work to gather that amount of support, but now he isn't in the picture this time around, so we don't have his email lists and the grassroots base hasn't been mustered to it's full potential.

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Ron Paul War Room Part 2

Started in 2007 and it's still there. In conjunction with the Daily Paul, we should use the War Room to its fullest extent.

The Ron Raul War Room was a great asset in the 2008 campaign.

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