Jim Forsythe

Boston Tea Party Speech 12/16/07

Note: If anyone can find a downloadable version of Jim on video please let me know as he'd like a copy of it. Thanks.

Jim Forsythe PhD, Aerospace Engineer and former tanker pilot who flew missions to Bosnia and Kosovo gave this speech at the Boston Tea Party celebration for Ron Paul at Faneuil Hall, Boston today. Long live the "Second American Revolution" of 2008.


- Jane

Message from Jim Forsythe, Ron Paul supporter in NH

This is an account of the weekend from my friend Jim Forsythe, who was the emcee for the program on Saturday. He manages Ron Paul Meetup #6 in NH, (www.ronpaul.meetup.com/6/) is a Strafford County Co-Chair and involved in outreach for HomeSchoolers in the NH campaign. He has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, and is a 16-year veteran of the Air Force, having served in combat support to Bosnia, Somalia and Iraq as a tanker pilot.

Whew! Here is what Jim had to say:

I am finally recovering from a whirlwind of excitement this weekend.

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