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RP, Reason, and a unique opportunity for his gop nod

My take on the recent Reason magazine/Ron Paul dust-up. Many lessons here and a unique opportunity for Ron Paul's GOP nomination.


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Online Quizzes

Prior to the 2008 Presidential election, there was an online quiz circulating from one of the major media outlets. A person will answer the questions about what they believe and then the results show you which candidate you are most in line with.

I don't know how to do it...but can we make a quiz like that before the GOP Primaries?

I think many "conservatives" don't realize how alike to Ron Paul they are...and these quizzes are fun, and eye opening for folks at the same time.

Just an ideas to help Ron stand out!

Play it safe - Register Republican Now!

In an attempt to limit Ron Paul's reach, the rules across the nation are suddenly being changed where you must now be a registered republican to vote in the primaries. This, according to an article by the pro-Ron website,

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