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Nashville Occupy participants trying to push Fed issue out. need help/advice

Hey guys, here's a link to a conversation I engaged in with some of the leadership of the Nashville occupy. Could some polite authors help a guy out and help influence this group to see our cause is aligned with theirs. Any help would do. They have taken down my "audit the federal reserve" signs the other day as well. Thanks guys.

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Occupy Nashville interview: Cartel of big biz & Fed

Occupy Nashville activist mentions Federal Reserve in local news report. The knowledge and influence is growing!

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Nashville Rally to support Gibson Guitars

Rally and free concert Saturday October 8
2-4 PM

This event is being organized by concerned citizens and groups across Tennessee, and in fact across the US, who are concerned about the extraordinary abuse of power represented by the raid of the Gibson Company by federal agents.

This event is not sponsored or organized by the Gibson Corporation.

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Why is there no Nashville meetup?

The closest one appears to be in Cookeville. I'm curious about becoming a delegate and such, and it would be great to talk to some people in person. I'm hoping we can get one going at the Ron Paul Party in a couple of weeks:

Still, it just seems odd that there isn't one. I'm somewhat new to the Ron Paul scene, so I'm ready to get integrated.

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Anybody from Nashville?

There is a Ron Paul party I just found out about on the 28th.

But also, I want to get a ton of us from Nashville together to start working together. I've never planned any sort of "activist event" so I have no experience, but if I had a few people to band together with, I think we could get a Nashville meet up going on. Hopefully this Ron Paul party on the 28th will be a good place to start making connections and figuring stuff out. Anybody interested?

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The line in the sand is in Nashville!

The line in the sand should have been drawn long ago! Abuse of federal police power must come to an abrupt end. This time its the Gibson Guitar Corporation in Nashville and Memphis.

I hope the musicians have had THEIR fill of it now! If this doesn't lead to a massive concert in Nashville that marks the end of the line for this abuse of federal police powers I don't know WHAT it will take for the American people to awake from the self induced coma.

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Video: CEO Responds to Raid on Gibson Guitars in Nashville

A must watch video for all Ron Paul supporters.

This guy should be a Ron Paul supporter. He mentions the constitution and calling congress - though concern folks may have because they might get shot. He has defied the armed agents orders to shut down. He has his workers continuing manufacture at risk of being busted - this guy rocks ... You have to listen to the q&a which is the bulk of this video. Good stuff.

Ron Paul in Nashville 10/06/2007

Sorry this is kind of late - I'm still catching up on my email from my vacation. This is a great video of Dr. Paul's visit to Nashville. Thanks Dan, and thanks for your patience.

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