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The Easiest Way To Win Support For Ron Paul!

Fill your wallet with these "No Tax On Tips" cards every time you go out on the town, and win over
your bartender and server in less than a minute! Bartenders and servers talk
to EVERYONE, so this is a Massive Force Multiplier! I've often had bartenders and servers ask for more to share with their friends!

And they are cheap! Find them at –

I'm in no way connected to the company, I've just had great success with all of their
very attractive flyers and cards!

Ron Paul Christmas / Holiday Gift Cards

Someone artistic needs to come up with a few different Christmas that can be bought now and used in early December. Think of how many send out holiday greeting cards.

Freedom, Prosperity, & Peace on Earth...
Give the gift that'll keep on giving - Help make Ron Paul our next president in 2008.

I'm not that artistic but you get the idea - someone run with this eh?

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