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Video - WSJ Butcher Job on Dr. Paul

I think I know what this woman is up to. What a hack job:

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Ron Paul Sticks With His Principles, Climbs in Polls

By Elizabeth Williamson

In a political season marked by warfare between Democrats and Republicans, the White House and Congress, haves and have-nots, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul has built staunch support among voters who are furious at the federal government — from emo-kids to retirees.

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Ron Paul on Front Page of Wall Street Journal!

Maybe this isn't exactly what we had in mind, but I suppose it is progress. I just noticed that Ron Paul is on the front page of the Wall Street Journal (online - at

The story is entitled "Candidates offer a Dressing Down." Apparently, this is a fasion article.

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WSJ: Let's Have a Televised Debate on the Constitution

I think this is a terrific idea.


Watching the early clashes among the Republican presidential field leaves me hungering for a televised debate on the Constitution. America's fundamental law, raised as a flag in this campaign by the tea party, has been eddying in and out of the debates. So why limit it to glancing references?

Ron Paul in CNBC / MSNBC / WSJ GOP Debate - Oct 9, 4PM ET

Ron Paul on monetary policy:

More debate highlights below:

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