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how to bring Occupy protesters to Paul camp

Seems that though some of them don't understand that more gov't has caused this problem, but they still harbor the same resentment and anger towards Corporate America and political cronyism that we do. We all share common goals, with different solutions. How do we convince them that Ron Paul is the best person to end this situation? I just think there is an incredible opportunity here to pull in many more supporters who might look into what Paul has been saying and give it some real thought.

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Paul Raises $8 Million From More Than 100,000 Donors, New York Times

Representative Ron Paul of Texas raised more than $8 million in the last three months, another demonstration of the willingness of his followers to dig into their pockets.

Mr. Paul’s campaign said he received money from more than 100,000 people, almost five times the number who have contributed $17 million to Gov. Rick Perry of Texas since his entrance into the race.

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Ron Paul on Freedom Watch Pt 1/2 9/26/2011

A must watch interview im working on uploading part 2 right now just be patient and up vote this and please comment

UPDATE: pt 2

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The Thing about Ron Paul Supporters

So someone just posted this and it was taken down, i wish it would have been left up because these people need to be allowed to discuss with people here to get a better understanding of paul's views. He talked about his support of Guantanamo, the foreign policy of the main stream media in relation to Iran and Israel...and a few other things. Here's a response to the torture of "terrorists".

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The Thing About Ron Paul Supporters

The thing about Paul supporters is they embrace and put their hope in the person as much, if not more, than the philosophy. The ideals of limited government, cutting taxes, capping spending, auditing the Federal Reserve, fighting illegal immigration, getting rid of entitlements, strengthening our borders, and sticking to constitutional principles are what will save our country, not just supporting and voting one man into office. Ron Paul won’t save our country any more than any other one man will save our country.

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Huge Crowd of Ron Paul Supporters at the California Republican Party Convention!

See videos: Huge Crowds for Ron Paul at California GOP Convention

Ron Paul Wins 2011 CA GOP Straw Poll

Just got back from the convention and I had a blast. Met a lot of nice people... And several people who are regular visitors to the Daily Paul. It was like one big family. Smiles were contagious.

Got there early to greet Dr. Paul along with a couple hundred people who lined up along both sides of the street in front of the hotel.

We made our presence known throughout the convention and the support for the other candidates was almost non-existent. I looked into Perry's supporters room at 10:30am and they had about 10 people. I'm sure his other 10 supporters will show up later in the I saw no Romney supporters or Bachmann supporters as far as I could tell but the convention was an all day event.

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Everywhere Should Be Like Cincinnati

There was nothing more powerful than when the "Cincinnati" debate watching thing popped up and you saw all those "Ron paul 2012" signs there despite the fact that Ron wasn't made out to be a front runner.

Every debate watching club should be as such. We need RP supporters at every single party and debate holding up signs like that to show the viewers who are thinking "I like him, but oone else does" due to the media's bias that there are MILLIONS out there who support him just like they do.

It's clear that they are losing this battle. Let's drie that message home.

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School Obama at Dinner!

The "Donate $5 to win dinner with Obama" page has fine print at the bottom which reads "No purchase, payment, or contribution necessary to enter or win". Here's the link:

I thought it might not be a bad idea for some of us to apply and tell Obama what we think!

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Ron Paul: What It Takes To Win

What does it take to win?

Ron Paul spoke on this to supporters recently at the Florida Liberty Summit 2011

"There's two ways to define winning. To win liberty, a lot of people need to be more involved. It isn't a numbers problem. We don't need 51%, and the majority will rule, we don't say a majority is all we need. Rather, we need a determined minority; they must be thought leaders, they have to be involved, they have to lead others, and they have to be in positions of teaching, in the media and in different places. We have lost that fight because Keynesianism and Interventionism and our foreign policy have been the prevailing attitude. So whatever you can do to change the prevailing attitude as a leader. You are a unique group, absolutely unique, because most people either don't pay attention or they pay attention at the last minute before an election. So your responsibility is much different. The burden is on individuals like you because once you've discovered what's going on, and are confident about it, you have a greater moral obligation. You are not capable of just dismissing it, you can't dismiss yourself from the importance of this. If you understand it, you have this obligation to spread this message."

"People ask, 'What should I do?'"

"Do whatever you want. Do what you think is important. Everybody is an individual.

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Tea Party Patriots Getting Some Feedback on Paul Bashing

I left a comment...trying to wake up "tea-o-cons" :-) Join in.

Our guy is actually getting a lot of support!

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Kansas City Star - Commentary: Rick Perry, Ron Paul and a Tea Party. Paul's Supporters Organized the First Tea Party

So much for that predicted epidemic of "Texan fatigue."

Gov. Rick Perry leads by double digits in the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, according to one poll due today. But that's not the most surprising news.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul has tripled his support in Iowa since the 2008 election and has pulled into contention nationally alongside Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann, based on the Iowa straw poll and a new Gallup Poll.

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Ron Paul could gain more supporters by K.I.S.S.- Keeping It Super Simple

People would discover that they agree with Ron Paul on more issues than they think if he would keep his explanations of his views positive and simple.

For example, more people need to know that it doesn't make a difference if they share the personal views on abortion or drug legalization because he doesn't think the Federal Government should be involved in our lives on that level anyway. This needs to be drilled into people's heads because the media keeps bringing it up like it is a deal breaker.

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Boortz is at it again

Says he'll be reading some hate mail from "Paulbots". Boortz is not the only one who dismisses Paul because of his supporters supposedly being cultists, groupies, 6 guys in the grandmother's basement furiously voting in online polls, etc.

I think we need a resource of credible people who are Paul supporters to help counter this stuff...

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