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Ron Paul interview on the Don & Roma Show (WLS Chicago) ~8/25/11
11:29 interview, Click "Listen" on the page

and YT link:

thank you to beelzebush66

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Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs Radio 8/22/11
thank you to YT user TheWarriorRonPaul aka Phanthom

Also, DPer Jefferson got on the show, after John Bolton spoke. It was terrific!

Podcast: http://www.ronpaul2012pod...

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radio show plugs for RP bday moneybomb

Would be great if we could get plugs in about Ron Paul's money bomb at various internet and radio shows. During the Ames money bomb I do not believe Alex Jones or Peter Schiff mentioned the money bomb at all.

I think Alex Jones, George Noorey, and Peter Schiff would all be very receptive to a call plugging the birthday money bomb.

email the shows that are friendly to Ron Paul and urge them to mention the Ron Paul birthday money bomb and how important it is.

To email the Schiff show go to the following link:

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Ron Paul "catching on" in Boston?

For those who live in New England, you've very likely heard of RINO radio talk show host Howie Carr. Well, today he was off and had Colonel David Hunt fill in as he occasionally does. For the first time in I don't know how long, there was actually positive coverage on Dr. Paul on the show, and the majority of callers had nothing but good things to say about him...though Colonel Hunt seemed to keep trying to dismiss any "conspiracies" about the MSM intentionally ignoring the Congressman.

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Ron Paul's THREE radio interviews Alan Colmes, Brian Wilson & Mike Church ~8/16/11

Just added the Mike Church interview. ENJOY all THREE from 8/16/11

Alan Colmes on FOX radio thank you to virginiakid thank you to RonPaulSwede thank you to JT @ the Podcast

Brian Wilson & the Afternoon Drive 1370 WSPD (Toledo, OH)
Podcast Link here:

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A Radio Show Especially for the DAILY PAULER

Hello, Fellow Daily Pauler!

Here's a show likely you'll enjoy. I began listening to it four years ago, when I stumbled onto it one early evening while I was driving around my town. Then, the 2007-08 campaign was a couple months underway.

Charlotte Iserbyt New Radio Show "American Deception"

From Charlotte:

Fantastic news. $6 million raised in 24 hours!

I believe Ron Paul can NOW win the Presidency, but even if he doesn't, he has started a wonderful, peaceful revolution in this country, to turn our nation back to its original principles and to encourage the return to an authentic "two party system". Right now both parties are in bed together; they both receive their marching orders and funding from the international power brokers at the UN, and from the major corporations, the CFR, the tax-exempt foundations, the controlled media, and the government.

Ron Paul On Air With Jennifer Horn WSMN Nashua

While sitting with Ron at lunch he asked if I'd heard the radio interview that he'd done that morning...

I hadn't because that morning I'd been putting signs out at other stops and picking up the surprise birthday cake...and we were still eating so I did not want to tell him about the cake. I said I was not aware he was doing that show live, so I would find it on podcast..

Here it is...



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Ron Paul Radio Interview with Scott Parks KMBZ

In Depth Ron Paul Radio Program

John in SF sent this message:

My local public radio station is running a series about candidates' voting records and campaign contributions. Substance. What a concept. They did Ron Paul yesterday. I learned more in ONE HOUR than I have from any of the national media I've read and heard. I don't agree with everything he says, but I admire his consistency. Check it out and spread the word.

People need to know more than what they're getting in the mainstream. Oh, and the host actually does her homework.

Listen to the interview here

Archive of other interviews here


Nystrom's comment: I'm about a quarter of the way through the interview, and goes into considerable depth. I'm learning quite a bit. Put the interview on and listen to it on this sleepy Friday at work. Start some conversations with your co-workers. There is a lot of great info here. Thank you John.

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Dr. Paul in Online Interview March 29

From Free New York Blog:

"Listen to the show this Thursday, from 1-2pm at"

Congressman Paul's interview begins at 1:30pm.

Hat Tip: The New Liberty

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