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Why not crowd-source commercials?

I just finished watching the video "Ron Paul: The only one we can trust." ( )

I was thinking: Geez, people volunteer a lot of time to put together the most incredible videos. Why not put that energy to work, by asking the grassroots to put together 30-second and 60-second spots for Ron Paul? Then the campaign could choose amongst them to actually air on national TV.

Would be cheaper for the campaign, and would generate a lot of YouTube content that might get Paul noticed more.

Just a thought.

Ron Paul Commercial Filming in NYC Seeks Volunteers

Jeremiah Black asked me to repost the following great idea:

Hi, my name is Jeremiah Black. I work here in NYC in television and internet programming as a director and a producer, and have also worked for a number of years in film and commercials. Coming into my studio a few days ago, and looking around at the cameras, lights, sound gear, post-production equipment, etc., I suddenly realized that I have the resources on hand to film a nice commercial for Dr. Paul.

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