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Perry comes under fire at the CNN/Tea Party Debate

In the 60 seconds it took to write this, they've went and changed "the debate"

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A weakness for Ron Paul

Love Ron Paul, campaigned for him in 2008, supporting him again in 2012. He has so much knowledge and would make a great leader of this country in so many ways, BUT it often kills me to listen to him respond to questions because he stumbles so often with his answers.

Take this clip for example:

His argument is sound, but its really poor delivery, I don't care if he is 76 years old he really needs to focus on improving his communication skills when responding to questions.

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My Advice to Ron Paul: “Address it and Move on.”

If the attack on Ron Paul from Santorum about Iran is a sign of things to come (much like this latest attack from Santorum about 9/11 – SEE this), then what should Ron Paul do? How should Ron Paul deal with such attacks?

Simple: “Address it and Move on.”

Why You Should Take a Walk - For Paul

The above post on RPF a bit ago got my mind working on the experiences I had at the flea market Ron Paul booth today in Charleston WV. Thanks to Larry White for setting up the event! My thoughts below, please excuse the lack of capitalization, my wrists hurt :)

Larry had set up a nice table in a good spot and I took two people down to help out. We gave out cookies and brownies and fed random dogs, and learned a lot about public interfacing.

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