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Texans Target The Dallas Federal Reserve (The 2nd American Revolution Has Begun)

Alex Jones speaks to the protesters of Occupy The Fed in Dallas at the Dallas Federal Reserve branch on Friday October 7th, 2011.


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Perry bet big on tax grants to subprime lenders

WASHINGTON (AP) — As Texas governor, Rick Perry spent tens of millions in taxpayer money to lure some of the nation's leading mortgage companies to expand their business in his state, calling it a national model for creating jobs. But the plan backfired.

Just as the largest banks began receiving public cash, they aggressively ramped up risky lending. Within four years, the banks were out of business and homeowners across Texas faced foreclosure. In the end, the state paid $35 million to subsidize it.

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Straw Poll March In Texas!!

We all laughed when the Texas GOP cancelled the Starw poll for "Lack of interest" We all know its a cover so Perry doesn't get spanked. This could be a great way to show them whats up!! I created an event on FB called Battle of Gonzales(TEXAS STRAW POLL MARCH)If we can get even 1000(thats more then attending CA straw poll) people to march towards UT@San Antonio on OCT 29(Sunday) and geta little media and internet attention this could be a knock out punch!! Please spread the word!! RON PAUL 2012!!

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Yes, Perry created some job growth, but 40% went to illegal aliens

Is this the kind of "job growth" America needs?

"EMBARRASSING: 40% Of Texas Job Growth Since 2007 Went To Illegal Immigrants

Plenty of people have already attacked the Texas growth myth, but this report from the Center for Immigration Studies really stings.

The non-partisan group found that newly-arrived immigrants claimed 81% of state job growth from 2007 to 2011. What's worse, half of those immigrants were illegal -- representing 40% of state growth.

Obviously this won't go over well on the Perry campaign.

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Rick Perry Denies "Secession" Talk

Rick Perry just said to Sean Hannity that he never used the term "secession". I did a quick Google search and found several articles that say that he said it, but I haven't seen any direct quotes, video clips or other authoritative sources showing that he did. Does anyone know more about this? I remember hearing Ron Paul talk about Perry's talking about secession, but if in fact it's something that Perry never said, then it's important to set the record straight.

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Update on Texas GOP Straw Poll!

So I'll get to the point and then explain the details:

After some research, a Texas Straw poll might be possible after all.

We all know the Texas GOP canceled the straw poll citing 'lack of interest' as the reason. After the news made its way around the internet, Ron Paul supporters bombarded the Texas GOP with complaints about canceling the poll. Soon after, the TX GOP chairman, Steve Munisteri responded to a few of us, including myself, with the same message:

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Straw Poll Victories Push Paul Forward (Local News Station KXAN in Austin, TX)

I saw the news clip on the 6 o'clock news tonight. It was not bashing Paul at all despite the part where Republican insiders say that the can't win


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Straw Poll Statement From Texas GOP Chairman


Thank you very much for writing regarding a straw poll in Texas.
There is a lot of misinformation circulating around the internet that you may have received. The state party held a straw poll in 2007, however, it lost money.
We thoroughly investigated the possibility of holding one for 2012, including how much staff time it would take, cost of facilities, amount of hotel rooms the State Party would have to guarantee etc.

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H.Chronicle: Ron Paul Looks to Buck Fringe Candidate Status [Awesome Pics]

HENNIKER, N.H. — Fervent young followers wear his “revolution” T-shirts and chant his name as he steps to the podium of New England College: “Ron Paul, Ron Paul.”

But the libertarian-leaning Texas congressman running a third campaign for the White House is having difficulty moving his fringe candidacy to more mainstream Republicans in a fractured primary battle.

Paul, 76, remains undaunted by that task and says his campaign is catching on with those suffering a crumbling economy and an ongoing war.

“People are waking up,” Paul said in an interview following a speech here. “This economy is in shambles and they are tired of being in a war that has lasted 10 years. They know printing money doesn’t make you rich and they are coming around to the issues I have been talking about for years.”

Continue at the Chronicle - Check the pics!

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Texans shifting to Ron Paul right now!

The person who first introduced me to Rick Perry just told me he and his wife are voting for Ron Paul. We Texans know who Rick Perry really is; and, we know who Ron Paul is, as well. The difference is day to night. It is easy to convert fellow republications. I sent them a 10 minute video on Ron Paul's record. People are just waiting for someone they know to stand up and support Ron Paul for POTUS. Then they easily join us. My but the truth is powerful.

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Ron Paul CONTINUES to get under Perry's skin

[Houston Chronicle] When Mitt Romney attacks Rick Perry, the Texas governor usually has a bemused look on his face. When Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum critiques his record, he appears unconcerned.

But when Ron Paul needles his fellow Texan, Perry looks annoyed.

For the second consecutive debate, Paul seemed to get under the skin of the man who has run his home state for the past 11 years. The libertarian congressman from Lake Jackson got his governor must exercised at the CNN/Tea Party Express debate in Tampa last night when he stated that taxes in Texas had gone up under Perry.


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Trying to be everything to everybody.God knows!

Perry wanted to secede from the United States...now he wants to be President of the United States. Perry began a Day of Prayer in Texas for rain...now they are getting bombarded with brush fires.

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Rick Perry has "Katrina" moment, misses Texas wildfires press conference

Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, may have added fuel to the firestorm surrounding his handling of wildfires in his state. On Saturday, Perry was scheduled to hold a press conference to talk about the fires, but the event came and went with no sign of him. The explanation from his office didn't come until after the event was over.

A spokesperson for the Governor said there was a last minute change in the location of the event, and the governor didn't want to make people wait around. The press was given a heads up about the change of location, but not about the governor's absence.

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