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OMG Ron Paul is dominating online sales!

I was just at Zazzle dot com to stock up on some Ron Paul 2012 gear and noticed the good doctor absolutely dominating the bestsellers list.

He's catching on, I tell ya!

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Captain Ron Paul of America

I have designed a Ron Paul poster for use as an attention getter and hopefully spark the interest in people to go and do the research necessary to realize Dr. Ron Paul is our Captain America!! Hope you enjoy!!

'I Support Ron Paul' Posters Coming Soon

Chris at Hence Forth Press, near my old hometown of Seattle, has just completed an exclusive, limited edition run of 500 of my "I Support Ron Paul" poster designs. These are no average posters! They are museum quality, hand-crafted posters, run on a letterpress, each one unique and hand numbered by the printer. Production was strictly limited to 500 pieces. Once these 500 are gone, they're gone forever! No more of this exact poster design will be produced. Check out this blog post for a little more info on the process, as well as a cool movie showing the posters being produced!

Ron Paul Posters Redux

Hello Everyone,

Based on the suggestions from last time, I've come up with bunch of new posters. There are two different versions of each - a portrait and a landscape version - both meant to print out on a standard 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. You need Adobe Acrobat to access these posters - you can download it for free from The landscape version has two posters per sheet for twice the bang for your buck. Print them off and then make color copies, then post and distribute!

New IOWA posters added June 17th!!! Iowans, we need your help. Print these off and plaster the state! Hang them in your car windows, at work, on bulletin boards, distribute them in cafes! Get the word out that Iowa Loves Ron Paul!

I have also included two versions of the generic poster with no slogan that you can modify yourself with hand lettering or by pasting something on that you print out. The original Photoshop files are also here so you can download and modify them yourself. If you don't have/don't know how to use Photoshop, you most certainly have a friend, colleague or neighbor who does!


Posters - A Way to Help Ron Paul Every Day After Leaving Your Computer

Here is what you can do: download one or both of these posters in Adobe Acrobat format. Both are in color, and designed to print out on a standard 8-1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper. The first poster has one image, while the second poster has two identical images that print out in landscape format:

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