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FOX News is Relenting: Chris Wallace says, "Send Us Your Ron Paul e-mails!"

The Values Voter Straw Poll win is paying off in MSM credibility towards Ron Paul.

It's getting them to finally speak the truth that they've always known.

Brit Hume: "Who has the base with the most enthusiatic supporters? The answer is easy, it's Ron Paul! And if you know Ron Paul -- I've known him for a long time -- it's understandable. He's a very nice man. A VERY nice man!

Let's edit and re-work this!

My main interest in the video is to edit the parts that work for Ron Paul into another video.

I sent it to two of the best videographers on DP and am waiting to see what they can do.

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Sunday Morning Talk Shows Ignore Ron Paul's Victory, Meet The Press, Face The Nation, Etc.

Meet The Press? Try, "Meet The Censors."

Face The Nation? Try, "About Face To The Nation."

Did anyone else watch the Sunday morning "news," programs?

All I heard was talk about Romney and Mormonism, Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, and Occupy Wall Street.

I also saw an interview this morning with Rick Santorum that made me turn off the TV and do some grocery shopping.

After I came back, I turned the boobtube back on to instantly here, "Hermain Cain comes in second place," with no mention of Dr. Paul.

THIS IS SUCH GOOD NEWS. It's everything I was hoping for...

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Ron Paul on 'Al Punto' Spanish-language Political Talk Show

Per the NY Times, Rep. Ron Paul will be on Univision's 'Al Punto' this Sunday, the 2nd of October.

RP Should Be On Near 10:30am
Live link:


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Ron Paul Interview On Fox News Sunday: Talks Fema, Libya, Mises & More

Airing Date Aug 28.2011

Ron Paul Interview On Fox News Sunday: Talks Fema, Libya, Mises & More

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Ron Paul will appear on Fox News with Chris Wallace this Sunday

Fox News just said that Ron Paul would be a guest with Chris Wallace this Sunday. 'Check your local listings for times'. I even grabbed my little camera and recorded it just so I had proof (video or it didn't happen type people
:-) )

Maybe someone can embed it for me:

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Ron Paul Interview on Fox News Sunday, Fox News, 8-28-11, 9am Eastern

Ron Paul Interview on Fox News Sunday, Fox News, 8-28-11, 9am Eastern

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Ron Paul mentioned on Fox News Sunday "Panel Plus" 8/21/11

in the segment that is on the Internet only.

Mentioned ~5 mins in and Bill Kristol mentions Ron Paul's obsession with the Federal Reserve.

Ron Paul NH Sunday Hour Special - Update

NOTE: MCAM's servers crashed due to the load, but they assure us that it will be taped and played on CSPAN.

According to this article in the NYT, it sounds like the Town Hall forum that will be filmed at the Manchester public studios is the one that will be televised on CSPAN as well as local TV. I hope this is correct. I don't know what other hour there would be...MCAM is free, but does one have to buy time to get on CSPAN?

"Supporters of Mr. Paul will still be able to watch him on their television screens Sunday night. Jesse Benton, his spokesman, said the campaign is planning its own town hall special to be broadcast on Manchester, N.H. public television, C-SPAN and online. Mr. Paul is also set to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday."

Read the rest of the article here:

Debate Reminder - October 21 at 8:00 PM ET

Just a reminder about the debate. Might also be a good idea to politely write and ask them to give Ron Paul more questions, better questions and equal time to answer; questions on Federal Reserve and Internet Regulation for example.

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