Ron Paul - CNN/MSNBC 12/27/07

Ron was just speaking from the situation room with Wolf Blitzer. When I find the video I'll post here.

Apparently there were many mentions of him today, not the least of which was David Shuster calling him a 'crackpot'.

So, fire up those VCRs and tape Morning Joe, Situation Room and Tucker tomorrow and I will place on front page.

Still looking for Fox video this morning that talked about SF GOP counts toward delegates but second tier like Paul can't compete for lack of money and organization (ignorant misrepresentation at best)

Tucker Carlson on Ron Paul in the New Republic

At the end of this article, it explains what Tucker Carlson was doing with the hookers at Dr. Paul's press conference a while back - if you believe it. This is a great article about Ron Paul. Funny. Touching. Amusing. Well written.

But one thing about his story doesn't make sense - couldn't Tucker have just taken a cab?

Pimp My Ride | The New Republic
by Tucker Carlson

The first thing I learned from driving around Nevada with Ron Paul for a couple of days: People really hate the Federal Reserve. This became clear midway through a speech Paul was giving to a group of Republicans at a community center in Pahrump, a dusty town about 60 miles west of Las Vegas. Pahrump is known for its legal brothels (Heidi Fleiss lives there), but most of the people in the audience looked more like ranchers than swingers. They stood five deep at the back of the room and listened politely as the candidate spoke.

Until Paul got to the part about the Fed. "We need a much better monetary system," he said, a system based on "sound money, money that's backed by something." Paul, who is small and delicate and has a high voice, spoke in a near monotone, making no effort to excite the audience. They cheered anyway. Then he said this: "The Constitution gives no authority for a central bank." The crowd went wild, or as wild as a group of sober Republicans can on a Monday night. They hooted and yelled and stomped their feet. Paul stopped speaking for a moment, his words drowned out. Then he continued on about monetary policy.

Wow, I thought. The constitutionality of a central bank is not an issue you see on many lists of voter concerns. (How many pollsters would think to ask about it? How many voters would understand the question?) Yet a room full of non-economists had just responded feverishly when Paul brought it up. Hoping for some context, I went outside and found a Paul staffer. He didn't sound surprised when I told him about the speech. "It's our biggest applause line," he said.

Continue reading at the New Republic

Slate on FOX's Doctoring of AP Article

From Slate: Doctored Paul

At 11 a.m. today, one of FoxNews.com's top stories was an article about a Nevada brothel owner endorsing Ron Paul. But the story wasn't written by Fox News; it was a tweaked version of an Associated Press story that hit the wires early Monday. And, to make matters even more muddled, that story was taken from a Reno Gazette-Journal piece. Something was lost in translation....

This is a great read. Continue here...

Joel Stein (Time Mag) on Tucker

Excuse me, but this guy Joel Stein is a bona fide idiot. What strikes me about his "analysis" is that it is all about appearances.

This is my impression of Joel Stein (use your best stoner voice when you read this): "Oh, man -- dude -- I can't figure this out! Cuz he, like, talks about all this stuff, man! I don't get it...But he's like - you know, like the guy from Network, who's gonna tell Washington to go screw itself. It's pretty freaky."

Stein says Dr. Paul is a "horrible speaker...He's like the professor, like, you know he's smart, his book was supposedly really good, but you're not going to stay awake the whole class."

Excuse me? That says much more about Stein than about Ron Paul! Like that he was a college flunky who somehow got by snoozing through class without learning anything. And this guy works for Time?

Sign of the times, my friends. Sign of the times.

He goes on to say that Ron Paul supporters aren't like Dean followers because we're "nerdy," while the Dean follwers were a "good looking group. They're like little Kennedy kind of, you know, JFK kind of followers."

And Tucker...Et tu, Tucker?

Ron Paul's Cool Donors

Cute video of Tucker Carlson, Pat Buchanan, and Bill Press talking about Ron.

Also, Howard Fineman says Ron Paul WILL be a factor...in fact, Howard is due to call me tomorrow. Why I haven't talked to him since I Chaired my town for Pat! (Pat's a fun guy!)

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