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Ron Paul National DVD Education Bomb!

Just completed! This new DVD is a compilation of many videos of Ron Paul to educate people specifically about him and his positions.

The DVD is meant for the elderly, non-internet users, people who watch only the mass media and also for gaining supporters.

I've now uploaded all the files including a professionally edited video that anyone can use at no cost. Here is the link:


There's no catch, it's all for free. All you need to do is raise the funds to buy the supplies and make your own.

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Signs! Signs! Come get your FREE Signs!

SIGNS!!! SIGNS!!! Come get your FREE Signs!

Please visit www.RonPaulReSupply.com for all of your grassroot supplies we have signs, flyers, stickers, and we are also in the production of DVD handouts as well.

Spread this valuable resource to all Ron Paul supports!


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Ron Paul Promotional DVD (Video Included)

Hi DP'ers. I have a big favor to ask of you. I am working on a DVD project.

DVD's will be burned, bagged and put on door knobs in as many homes as we can afford to do.

The goal is to introduce people to Ron Paul. It is also to remove some of the fears people have (thanks to the media) of his positions, such as drugs, medicare and his foreign policy.

Then the end has a call to action where people can learn more, find his web site and get involved.

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*HELP! Need "For Liberty, Re-cut" DVDs by this weekend (Oct 8th)!

We are doing 2 movie theatre screenings of "For Liberty, Re-cut" in Winterset, Iowa this weekend during the annual Covered Bridge Festival. The event is attended by approximately 30,000 people. We were getting donated copies of the film from ronpaulfilm.com to handout after the screenings, however, they are completely sold out of DVD's until after the 12th.

Does anyone have any extra DVD's (the hour-long re-cut version) they would be willing to send to Iowa? Or does anyone know where we can get our hands on some that someone may have overstock?

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Why continue to feed the hand that bites us?

Does anyone else find it ironic that we rally together to scrape up whatever money we can (moneybombs), and hand it over to the media who we KNOW is NOT on our side?
Why do we give millions of dollars that ultimately keeps people like Shammity, O'Lielly, and the others in business?
It's like we are lined up at the slapping booth, with our dollars in hand, and our chins extended. If this doesn't fit the definition of insanity perfectly, I don't know what does.. We know the results are going to be the same, so WHY keep doing it?

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Help: Ron Paul DVD to hand out and wake people up.

I just bought 1000 blank DVDs. I am planning to buy the burner and labeler, too. Any suggestion on brand and type?

I also like suggestion on content. I got the old 2007 campaign handout of America: Freedom to Fascism but the end has dated stuff. Is this still a good video to hand out?

I was also thinking of stripping the Bill Moyer "Secret Government" from youtube and would appreciate help on software i can use to accomplish this, preferably free.

Thanks for your input.


From Nate Jones at the the RonPaulDVD.com Project:

Problem: Many good people out there in Non-Internet Land don't even have a clue Ron Paul exists. They may feel they're informed because they read the local paper, and/or watch the local news. However, neither (including the national media) are offering enough coverage on our favorite hero, the one we love to love, Ron Paul. As well, there are many who DO have access to the Internet... even broadband access, but perhaps are "search-challenged", or too lazy to use it to get information about the Good Doctor. Well, it's time to help those poor unfortunate souls out! ;-)


Nate just released a new DVD last week. For full details, including the clips that are on the DVD and how to download and/or order it, Click here: RonPaulDVD.com

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