Joel Stein

Joel Stein (Time Mag) on Tucker

Excuse me, but this guy Joel Stein is a bona fide idiot. What strikes me about his "analysis" is that it is all about appearances.

This is my impression of Joel Stein (use your best stoner voice when you read this): "Oh, man -- dude -- I can't figure this out! Cuz he, like, talks about all this stuff, man! I don't get it...But he's like - you know, like the guy from Network, who's gonna tell Washington to go screw itself. It's pretty freaky."

Stein says Dr. Paul is a "horrible speaker...He's like the professor, like, you know he's smart, his book was supposedly really good, but you're not going to stay awake the whole class."

Excuse me? That says much more about Stein than about Ron Paul! Like that he was a college flunky who somehow got by snoozing through class without learning anything. And this guy works for Time?

Sign of the times, my friends. Sign of the times.

He goes on to say that Ron Paul supporters aren't like Dean followers because we're "nerdy," while the Dean follwers were a "good looking group. They're like little Kennedy kind of, you know, JFK kind of followers."

And Tucker...Et tu, Tucker?

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