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DAILYKOS Front Page! Secret Government Panel Can Put Americans on "Kill List"

Even some liberals get it...

You could call it a latter day Star Chamber, a secret panel, operating in the White House, that decides the fate of American militants.

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Some More Political Corruption, Exposed.

Who was the last speaker of the House and still a Congress woman?
Does Nancy Pelosi's name ring a bell?

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Ongoing Talk Radio Blitz for Ron Paul to Educate Americans on Issues; Get him Nominated

Let's use the media to get Congressman Paul nominated. Let's do it by using the talk radio shows but rather than starting out talking about Ron Paul (which we all know just immediately puts the talk host on the defensive where they start attacking the caller and hang up on them), let's play dumb and ask the hosts leading questions on the issues.

Here are some approaches. We can start out by saying something like this to Sean Hannity, for example:

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CUA Young Americans for Liberty

Hey everyone!
My name is Daniel Herrera and I am the president and founder of Young Americans for Liberty! I live in Washington D.C and I am a HUGE Ron Paul supporter. I pieced together clips that expose the Patriot Act and I was going to play this during our recruitment day (This coming Saturday.) We also have 500+ constitutions to give out to people and I wanted some feedback from you guys. What do you think?

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Nj - "Reaction to Ron Paul Shows Some Americans are Exceptionally Stupid"

What really takes nerve is to speak truth to knuckleheads. There are tens of millions of them. And they get to vote.

That is the charm of Ron Paul. I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that no politician in recent history has irritated so many knuckleheads in so few words.

The high point had to be last week at that tea party debate in Florida. A questioner asked whether the candidates favor cutting defense spending to balance the budget. Given the fact that every candidate opposes tax hikes, the only intelligent response had to be, “Of course.”

Ron Paul Supporters - 1,440 Strong in Nashville

Being a rock fan, I loved this video. It surely shows all the 'crazy, wacky, flaky, nerdy, ugly' people that are supporting Dr

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