November 5

Tea Party 07 - December 16 - Spread the Word!

The following email comes from eLIB3RTY, the video artist who created one of best independent Ron Paul videos on the 'net today - Ron Paul: A New Hope:

In honor of Trevor Lyman's incredible November 5th organized fundraiser, $4.38 million raised for Dr. Paul in 24 hours, the most successful one-day online political donation in history -- I've coordinated with Trevor and made a new video to promote his next effort --- the Ron Paul Tea Party '07 on December 16th. My "Ron Paul: A New Hope" video just passed 760,000 views and is one of the most successful political viral videos ever. If we translate the same viral momentum for this new Tea Party video, we should be able to have the most successful one-day fundraising event in our nation's history.

Ron Paul: Tea Party '07


Watch the video and sign up now for Tea Party 07!

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Ron Paul on MSNBC's Tucker on the Money Bomb

This is an amazing, amazing interview - just the kind I like. Tucker gives Dr. Paul plenty of time and room just to talk. Wow. Thank you to 1sageee for uploading it.

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