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New Ron Paul interviews

anyone got any info for any new ron paul interviews coming out? or any media appearances of either ron or rand?

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Radio Interview with Robin Koerner, founder of the Blue Republicans for Ron Paul movement

The Libertarian Solution radio show featuring Huffington Post contributor, Robin Koerner, founder of the Blue Republican movement.

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Let's shower Chris Wallace with some LOVE!

everyone says how negative we always let's do a solid & flood chris wallace's email with thank you emails! does anyone have his fox email address?

it's imperative that we always remain grateful when our candidate is given a chance to speak fairly...and compared to how chris treated ron previously...this was a huge step forward. we owe it to Ron to represent him well...

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College Students Interview Ron Paul (August 18th 2011)

One might ask, "Are the interviewers intentionally obtuse?" Too bad the audio/video quality wasn't better. Not professional quality at all, Nevertheless, a seminal Interview.

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Infowars - Special Report: Ron Paul w/Alex Jones & Lew Rockwell; 8/25/11

Infowars : Infowars Special Report with Alex Jones and Lew Rockwell

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Ron Paul interview on the Paul Westcott Show (WGIR - Manchester, New Hampshire) ~8/25/11

Mentions 800 people in New Hampshire, at the office opening!

Podcast summary:
"On Thursday, WGIR (Manchester, NH) host Paul Westcott aired his interview with Congressman Ron Paul on New Hampshire's News Radio AM 610. The two talked about the media coverage of the 2012 campaign, Dr. Paul's unwillingness to just play the Washington game, defending one's home as their castle, and more."

Thanks JT! I had been looking for this interview.

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Ron Paul interview on the Don & Roma Show (WLS Chicago) ~8/25/11
11:29 interview, Click "Listen" on the page

and YT link:

thank you to beelzebush66

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Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs: "I'm Afraid There Will Be People In The Streets" 8/24/11

Thank you MOXy (and for the good title)

Ron Paul discussed entitlements, US businesses, reduction of government, Wisconsin, Tea Party movement, inflation tax, etc.

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Ron Paul turned down Factor interview among several others? What is going on?

It has come to my attention over the past 36 hours that something is out of sorts. The Good Dr.Paul was to appear on the Closing Bell and also an appearance with the Judge. Both of those came to pass with no Dr. Paul.

I just saw a bit on Faux that Ron Paul has been claiming being ignored by the media but turned down an interview with Bill O cry me a river on the Factor. Then news comes about with Benton snubbing Kokesh, not that I have any problem with that but it was done without tact. Not to mention the hacking incident the evening of the b-day bomb.

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Ron Paul Says: "Just Tell the American People the Truth, Mr. President"

This morning (9:30am EST) Dr. Paul was interviewed on FOX news and was asked the question by the host, "Congressman Paul, what would you do if you were president right now to calm the American people in this economic crisis the country is in?"

Ron looking handsome and wearing a great looking suit and tie looked straight into the camera and said, "I would start by telling the American people the truth as to why the country is in the mess that it's in."

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Concord Monitor: Ron Paul's Candor should set Standard


"Paul, who met with the Monitor editorial board yesterday, speaks with a candor unheard of in a presidential candidate. But unlike so many of his Republican rivals in the primary, he doesn't speak meanly and he doesn't personalize disagreements. Such qualities make him a delight to be around, but they won't make him president, nor - if elected - would Paul be able to govern. His fidelity to his many deeply held principles allow him to build coalitions with people who share his beliefs but forbid him from making the compromises that are necessary to achieve a majority."

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Ron Paul Interview With CNN's Wolf Blitzer 08/18/ 2011

Airing Date 08/18/ 2011

Ron Paul Interview With Cnn's Wolf Blitzer 08/18/ 2011

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