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US expanding its drone bases in Africa and Arabian Peninsula

WASHINGTON: Encouraged by the phenomenal success of drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the US is expanding its bases in other regions in particular Africa and Arabian Peninsula for unmanned aerial vehicles, whose precise striking capabilities have proven to be devastating for the terrorist, media reports said.

"One of the installations is being established in Ethiopia, a US ally in the fight against al-Shabab, the Somali militant group that controls much of that country," The Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

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USA Today - Barry Manilow is a Ron Paul Fan

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul has an unlikely fan in pop singer Barry Manilow.

Manilow, known for hits such as Mandy and Copacabana, told The Daily Caller website that he agrees with "just about everything" the Texas congressman says.

"I like him. I like what he says, I do. I like what he says. I think he's solid," Manilow is quoted as saying. "I agree with just about everything he says. What can I tell you?"

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I am very optimistic about Ron Paul's prospects

Look I am very pro Ron´s ideas and that ofc is the most important thing here.

At the last election I was very hopeful into the end, but as I look at it now, Ron Paul or his ideas are so much more popular/influential now.

I think as I said back then is keep doing what you are doing, cause it is working. That said the morons that be, will use the media to ignore or if that does not work to attack Ron Paul.

Now anyone who has followed this knows this. Expect more exclusions, negativity etc. So since you know this all you need to do is hammer away and keep supporting this amazing man.

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Bombshell: Saudi Arabia threatens to cut ties with US over Palestine UN Veto

I found this an astonishing piece of information and I wonder if this is reported or discussed in mainstream media outlets at all. This may just be an opinion article, but I think, coming from a member of the Saudi Royal Family, it also contains a significant warning to the US: if the US will use its veto agianst the Palestinians, it might lose its single most important ally in the Arab world, which also happens to be a major oil supplier to the US.

Veto a State, Lose an Ally

I'm sure this whole Palestine issue is giving the Obama administration a major headache already.

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"History of Gold" US National Mining Assoc. 4K BC - 2K AD

Entry examples [Mark Twain notes bracketed]:

  • 4000 B.C. Eastern European area begins to use gold to fashion decorative objects. The gold was probably mined in the Transylvanian Alps or the Mount Pangaion area in Thrace.
  • 3000 B.C. The Sumer civilization of southern Iraq uses gold to create wide range of jewelry...
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United States (USA) as a Semi-Failed State

"A semi-failed state is a country whose government maintains all the trappings and appearances of power, legitimacy, and control. Its army and police are integral and operative. Its institutions function. Its government and parliament promulgate laws and its courts enforce them. It is not challenged by any competing military structures within its recognized borders.

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US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024

The agreement would allow not only military trainers to stay to build up the Afghan army and police, but also American special forces soldiers and air power to remain.

The prospect of such a deal has already been met with anger among Afghanistan’s neighbours including, publicly, Iran and, privately, Pakistan.

It also risks being rejected by the Taliban and derailing any attempt to coax them to the negotiating table, according to one senior member of Hamid Karzai’s peace council.

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Only in America

can such stupid,lazy people live so high on the horse.

"Let my people go..."

It just dawned on me. Ron Paul is the 'Moses" of our day.

-they both had humble beginnings.
-the both had prestigious careers.
-they both spent time in obscurity (Moses in the wilderness and Ron Paul in Congress).
-They both felt a higher calling to do something that they were somewhat reluctant to do.
-They both were not taken seriously by the powers of their day.
-They both had a tenacity and pit-bull attitude about getting the job done.
-Moses had his staff; Ron Paul the internet.

And both have the same theme:

"Let my people go".

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