General Election

Obama pushes for 'global taxation'

I am posting this here because I am very disturbed to read comments on blogs and hear people calling C-SPAN claiming that if RP does not get the nomination, they will vote for Obama in the general. Please, get a clue!

For those of you who are still so naive to think that Obama is a viable alternative in the general election, YOU'D BETTER THINK AGAIN. This article proves that he's merely a tool for the world government and promoter of a tax to be paid to the UN to fuel its control over us and to redistribute the wealth to other countries. SPREAD THIS EVERYWHERE!

Ron Paul vs Hillary

I think Ron stands a much better chance of beating Hillary than Rudy does. What Republican is going to vote for Hillary? And Ron will get the indies, libertarians, constitutionalists and disgruntled republicans along! A winner. An amazing jump from an 'unknown' candidate to what would happen against Hillary!

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