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Is There 1 Person Out There That Could Be The Revolution Superpac Sugar Daddy?

There are thousands of us holding signs, signing up to become delegates, recruiting new supporters, donating to every money bomb, coming up with new ideas for the campaign, and all of this is a must and needs to continue. The revolution has come so far!!!

However, I wonder if there is that one person that has the resources to do what we all dream of doing. What I am talking about is being able to poor a ton of cash to help the message get out there even more.

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A National One Dollar Donation Pledge To Ron Paul Sound Money Policy

Ron Paul Policy for Sound Money

I am looking to find people who can help make this idea a reality. I have come up with an idea that could very well be one the greatest donation drives in modern political history.
Please read my idea and add comments and suggestions.

In support of Ron Paul's strong dollar policy, the campaign is asking that you donate one us dollar to send a message to Washington that the days of printing their way out of this crisis are over!

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End of the Quarter PUSH!!

Surprised not to see this topic on here:

"I need your help!

September 30 is a crucial day for my campaign. With your help, I can prove to the Washington, D.C. political establishment and their allies in the national media that my campaign is one to be reckoned with.

But I need to raise $1.5 million by September 30 to launch an all-out TV, internet and targeted voter mail blitz in key early primary and caucus states. So please contribute as generously as you can!"

Come on folks, lets dig deep!

Where is the fancy graph!?

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The Pundits Will be Looking for Signs

of donor fatigue among the RP faithful. When the end of quarter numbers come in, they will hope to show that he may have peaked in popularity (especially with the Florida straw poll results regardless of how twisted the vent was).

if you have the ability to donate a little bit more, now (before the end of September) is a good time to do it.

Don't give the media a chance to make this a story about donations not growing. Share with your friends as to why this is so important now.

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Campaign needs 1.5 million dollars by 9/30.

The Campaign site is showing an "end of quarter" push at

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Five Dollar Fridays

Started over at the Ron Paul Forums - great idea:

Save your pennies and your dollars will take care of themselves.

Little by little - get 'er done.

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Buy silver and donate to Ron Paul at the same time

Rather than collecting from the public trough, I decided to put one of my silver pieces on ebay so I can pay some bills coming up. I am donating 15% of the winning bid to the Ron Paul campaign so if you are looking for silver and would like to help out this unemployed DPer and the Ron Paul campaign at the same time here's an opportunity to do both.

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Superbomb Starts at Midnight! | Northbrook, IL - Revolution PAC, the Super PAC formed in July to support the presidential ambitions of Congressman Ron Paul, has announced a money bomb fundraiser -- a "Super PAC Superbomb" -- for September 19.

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Debate By Us

I posted this on the debate comments thought i would post here. maybe get more input?

"Debate By Us
Submitted by OnePercentFail on Thu, 09/08/2011 - 09:08.
I am not sure how it would work as I am not clear on the rules for debates.

But why cant all of the people who donate to RP2012 put some money towards hosting a Debate By The People. have the questions asked by actual voters. It could be streamed live online. not have to worry about Networks imposing their stupid rules...

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Breakfast with Dr.Paul - Sept 8th, post debate in SoCal

I reserved a seat for myself at the breakfast event to meet dr. paul in person! figure the debate tickets are next to impossible to get, and the crowds at the la convention center for ca gop will be too dense!

i'm so excited to meet him in person and shake his hand :)

is anyone else going?

can i bring my own big camera and have someone take my picture with him?

should i wear a ron paul shirt or a suit?

can i bring a copy of my Revolution for him to sign, or is that crass?

it feels like prom for me lol.

here's the link to reserve your seat!

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Gold Bomb Ron Paul Campaign?

Is there anyway we could donate gold instead of cash to the Ron Paul campaign? Is there also a way that we could have it held in gold until we want it released to the Ron Paul campaign to spend?

I know it sounds crazy but I think this would be fun. I could buy $100 in gold for Ron and if the price spiked up to $150 I could "release" it so the campaign could spend it.

I just think it would generate some news in the MSM about why we think gold is money. It would also be a different take on the money bomb concept. We could call it the gold bomb.

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Birthday ticker is live? Moneybomb Now?

Just saw this on the official site and wasn't sure if we're to start pumping now or what?

If it's LIVE lets do this thing NOW!

1-877-RON-PAUL (To Donate, Volunteer, or Get More Info, Please Call...)

I've spoken directly with Ron Paul PCC about the info I'm posting to make sure that it lines up with what the campaign is doing and they've given me the go-ahead to post this.

There is a new vanity toll-free number that rings directly into Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign Headquarters - 1-877-RON-PAUL. It is yet one more tool that we, the grassroots supporters of Ron Paul, can utilize in getting Ron Paul into the White House.

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